Why do we use the SSL certificate?

Reading Time: 4 mins. 28/11/2018

The acronyms of the SSL certificate means 'Secure Socket Layer', where we guarantee greater security and integrity to our website, a secure transmission of information through the Internet and confirm that the data is free of unwanted people.
First of all, we will explain what the SSL certificate is about, and why it is more important than ever nowadays. The acronym SSL responds to the terms Secure Socket Layer, which refers to a security protocol that makes our data travel in an integral and secure way, so the transfer of data between a server and a web user, and in feedback, it is totally encrypted.

Surely you have noticed that there are websites that start with 'http' or 'https', well, the difference is that the second ones have a security protocol that uses an SSL certificate to encrypt the traffic between client and server and for both 'https' makes any website more secure.
This kind of certificate is the preferred model of web security, it contains digital keys that protect the integrity of the data at the time of send and receive. Servers that use SSL certificates create a path with unique encryption for private sessions over the Internet. Therefore, it serves to provide security to the user who visits the website of our hotels, a way to tell the customers that the site is authentic, real and reliable to enter personal information.
It is very important to guarantee users that the site they are visiting is safe. Therefore, by having a reliable SSL certificate, the data is encrypted, and we can ensure that nobody can read the content. All this leads us to understand that the technology provided by an SSL certificate is the secure transmission of information through the Internet, and thus confirm that the data is free of unwanted people.

In order to use an SSL certificate, on our website, it is very important to make sure that the Internet server we have decided to contract can support this type of SSL certificate. From BookingCore we entrust this service to our technological partner JoopBox in order to ensure the correct application and implementation of it.
One of the points that most worries Internet users nowadays is the security and protection of their data. Without going any further, Google announced that the algorithm would begin to take into account the use of HTTPS to calculate the positioning of a website. We can see another example of this trend in the browsers, where they warn the user that the site "is not safe" on those websites that do not use security certificates. It is vitally important to feel safe, as online shopping nowadays has a higher percentage, and in the hotel sector we are interested in making the client or user feel safe, since it is one of the main ways of capturing them.

According to a report collected a few months ago at Google, it shows us the efforts of all to create a safer Internet and with websites under the "HTTPS", that is, the security certificate:
  • 68% of Chrome traffic on Android is already encrypted under HTTPS, + 42% more than 1 year ago.
  • More than 78% of Chrome traffic on ChromeOS and Mac is already encrypted under HTTPS, + 60% on Mac and + 67% on Chrome OS compared to 1 year ago.
  • 81 of the 100 most important websites in the world use HTTPS by default, + 37% compared to 1 year ago. 

In addition, Google Chrome since July of this year has decided to penalize all websites that do not have HTTPS, and not only when they ask users to enter information.

This concern has been increasing with all the incidence of identity theft, which is why the protection of personally identifiable information such as email, identity number, etc. is very important.
Today, one of the main hotel sales channels is the website itself, which is why different financial transactions are carried out, which means that all hotel websites need an SSL certificate since it handles sensitive data of the clients, with the aim of guaranteeing the security and privacy of these.
Not long ago, some experts recommended not using HTTPS because they considered that the performance of the web was slower and affected the positioning. However, in recent years, Google has made it very clear that HTTP and HTTPS are treated in the same way, so it is assumed that there is no delay in the performance of the website.

To conclude, we can say that the change to HTTPS can give the website a small but growing advantage in the Google ranking. Since it is increasingly necessary to use this type of certificate, it is also a way for Google not to penalize us and our customers are more satisfied.
It is very important to adapt to new technologies, otherwise we could become obsolete, but it is also very important to think about the safety of our customers and users, since giving added value is always much better.