Tips to get more traffic in your Blog.

Reading Time: 5 mins. 05/12/2018

Nowadays social media platfors are so booming that sometimes we forget that a blog can be the best tool to do our online marketing. Therefore, we want to explain some tips to improve your user traffic.
For all those who have a Blog and for which you plan to have one, the goal that we all have in common is to get more users traffic. And, that all those topics that we work on can serve to our followers as inspiration and take us as a reference.

From our experience, it is true that deciding to embark on the world of blogs is difficult, but it is still more once we have it open and we do not get the results we expect. But that's why today at we want to explain some tricks that have worked for us and that we still have to continue working every day to improve.
And maybe, if we are lucky, some reader may appear who also gives us some of their advice that has worked for them. From our point of view, in the following points, you will see what tips we recommend:
1. Offer RSS feed
The RSS or social buttons have not died, they are still a simple and most useful way to generate traffic. It is very important that your readers can access your social profiles, that is why it is necessary to be able to contact you. We must make sure that our feed works and that we have a link to the feed as high as possible.
2. Link related posts
Try to build loyalty to your users! If you take a look in Google Analytics, we can see that most of them enter through Google searches. It is necessary to offer related posts, interesting material, links to other posts within the content. Like mentioning one of our own posts, so you can reach a greater number of users.
3. Be very visual
Do not forget that everything enters by sight. It is very important to put images in your posts, and images as attractive as possible, obviously have to be related to the subject of the post. Your content should be very good to capture the attention of the reader or you will need to write very good copy in case you do not use images.

4. Inspire yourself in other Blogs, do not be afraid!
Always it’s necessary to be honest, it is normal that we can inspire in other Blogs. It is not bad to be inspired by others, and also if they are experts. Therefore, do not be afraid to mention them, you can link them, and this is also a way to get others to link you.
For example, we follow the HubSpot or Digital Marketer blogs, we believe that they always write interesting content. A Blog in Spanish with very good content, is that of Fátima Martínez, it is one of the best in our country.
5. Engage your audience!
It is vital to engage the attention of our audience in the first 10 seconds, otherwise it will go to the next Blog that finds and will leave us in oblivion. That is why it is very important to use good titles that attract attention quickly.
A reader, in general, does not read, scans. That's why it's just as important to put a good title, like putting bold letters, linking videos and images in the post. This will help to want to continue "reading" and to be able to receive interesting material to hook you up.
6. Subscriptions yes or no?
The subscriptions are very important. Why? Because there are few blogs that can survive only with advertising. However, if your monetization plan consists only of advertising, the subscription will not be entirely useful. Even in such a case, it could also be an error, it is always important to fight for users to register in our Blog and enter their email address.
7. Perseverance
We consider that perseverance is a very important adjective, because if you decide to post, for example, weekly, it is necessary to respect your own calendar. If you do not follow a marked timing, it is very possible that your blog can never get to take off at all, because users cannot trust you.
Decide the time to publish that you decide, beyond this question, what is certain is that no matter what frequency you have chosen, it is always necessary to be disciplined.

8. Thankful
Being grateful is common sense! If someone has decided to tell you, the least you can do is take the trouble to do the same, do not be ungrateful.
It is important to respond to comments, unless they contribute absolutely nothing and are clearly spam or to leave a link. Or, in case you have decided to write us, you can also write to them, you can see who is that user who has connected with you.
9. Have a passion for what we write
This is the last advice we give you. Remember that only when we write with passion and that we really like, we will make others perceive the same feeling that we want to explain. You can hook your readers forever and get them to have fun with what they read.

Ultimately, being clear about a topic and following some steps and a set time will make your Blog take off and may have a greater user traffic. Therefore, be passionate and persevering, so you can get where you want.