The importance of visual content

Reading Time: 4 mins. 11/07/2018

According to a study conducted by Forrester Research, 90% of online consumers confirm that audiovisual content helps them in the final decision to purchase and 85% guarantee greater confidence in companies that use advertising videos.
Currently we live in a society in which aesthetic values are promoted and visuality has a great importance. We can see how this trend has extended to the 2.0 universe where audiovisual content is increasingly positioning itself as an essential communication tool for brands.
Social media and good quality content have a very important role in the day to day communication of companies, as we already mentioned in the pill "The importance of Social Media" and "The importance of content."
It is necessary to understand that Social Media is completely necessary for the marketing strategy of any type of company and needs a meticulous execution work to be effective. So if we’re investing time and money, it is essential to create interesting and attractive content for users, here is where the video is turning into one of the best options as of today.
Analyzing various studies conducted by market experts, we have found significant data that show that video can not be ignored anymore, audiovisual material already accounts for 80% of all content consumed on the network. It also shows that more than 100 million Internet users consume video daily, 9 out of 10 user see videos from the brands they follow and 65% of them end up visiting their website.
In the Mailing Marketing strategies the incorporation of the video has also been very effective, increasing the opening rate by 5,6%the CTR (Clicks Though Rate) by more than 96%and decreasing the losses by 75%, according to studies by Forrester Research.
The video helps you to explain your message with many more resources and in a much more creative and emotional way. The images, sounds, edition and off-voice are much more effective to tell your story and evoke the imagination to be more empathetic to what you want to announce. In addition, it is proven that 75% of users remember a brand much better after having consumed videos of it since it gives it a greater appeal and helps them to understand it.

However, it is very important to ensure two values for a good content creation.
  1. It is necessary that the content must be unique and made only for the moment of the publication. When a company is committed to the video format, it should show a exclusive view of the brand and adapted to the time of the year in which it is wanted to offer.
  2. It is vital that the message is short and straight to the point. The audiovisual content must be short and precise, impact, direct to the message and unique, it is more than efficient so that a potential customer can immediately develop the need to bond with the brand.
The data doesn’t lie, the video format is being a success, in one minute there is the same information as 1,8 million words. The audiovisual content shows a reality that can not be described by words and if the idea still doesn’t convince you, here we leave you a list that will not make you doubt with this effective new trend:
  • It's real information: Video is the favourite way of communication for customers who can not only receive information but have the possibility to see it with their own eyes and empathize with the product.
  • It's closer: They generate a greater sense of closeness in the user than those brands that only offer text or advertising, it's a way to integrate into the brand and be able to perceive its values ​​more quickly.
  • It generates trust: It is a proven fact that customers prefer to buy a service or a product from someone whose voice they have heard or have seen in a video, this trend gives them an intuitive knowledge of the person they are relating to.
  • It helps to generate viral content: Videos are more likely to be shared compared to any other content, especially those with emotional content and humor, as they transmit and reach more users. The most important, as all content that is made for any social network, is to know the audience enough to give them exactly what they want.
As we explained above, social media are increasing the success of the new trends and, for example, the most recent has been Instagram and its new feature IGTV where it is possible to share videos of more than one hour. This new platform is going strong and has made the implacable YouTube is starting to shake. All the brands are starting with this new version of vertical video that soon we will talk more extensively about it.
Today more than ever we can confirm that a picture is worth a thousand words.