The importance of the On-Line reputation

Reading Time: 4 mins. 08/11/2017

Looking after your brand’s On-Line reputation is as important as taking care of your establishments or the services offered in them, since it is one of the decisive factors when it comes to booking a hotel.
The On-Line reputation is a reflection of a brand’s prestige on the Internet, built not only by the brand itself, but also by the people who shares information and comments about the brand on the Internet across forums, blogs and social media platforms.
Through opinions from other travellers about a hotel, the user can build an idea of the hotel and its services and finally feel more comfortable when choosing where to stay during the next holidays. Such is the case that 93% of the users consider important the comments made by other users when it comes to picking a hotel, and 53% would not book a hotel without checking first the comments from that hotel.
This is why it is key for hotels to promote the On-Line comments though its customers in order to offer a positive image to potential users that are considering the hotel for their next holidays. But not only will this allow the hotelier to offer a positive image, but also he will be able to understand the points where to improve and offer a better product or service, through an active listening of what is being said about the brand.
The valuation made by your customers will affect your market positioning, which will affect both your price strategy and the loyalty level. The higher your valuation is, the better your hotel will be scored in different webs; therefore, you will have higher visibility and more opportunities to convert. At the same time, a high valuation will increase your brand’s value and the possibility to increase the average price.

Based on a study made by Medallia hotels that respond to the comments made by their customers increase occupation by double compared to the ones that don’t. Moreover, the hotels that respond to more than 50% of the comments, increase occupation by 6.4% and customer loyalty by 1.4%.
It is important to reply to all customers’ comments, both positive and negative. Leaving a comment with no answer might be understood as a lack of customer attention. In addition, to many customers the answers from the hotels are as important as the comments themselves.
Thus, you should think the answer properly as it could highly affect your brand’s reputation. Here below you can find some of the key factors we believe are a must to every On-Line reputation strategy:
  • Respond as soon as you can. Show interest to your customers and it will create a fantastic impression. You can also sign in to the review platforms management service in order to stay updated on the comments made on your hotel.
  • Always appreciate the comments, even the negatives ones.
  • Deal with specific complaints. This is an opportunity to explain to future users and customers how did you solve specific problems and show your concern with customer experience. Here, it is really important to avoid getting defensive; it is better to show a diplomatic and professional attitude; considering that a negative comment is shared 10 times more than a positive one.
  • Be original. Users take time to write their comments and so should you. It’s a big mistake to send standardized answers. Address every comment or complain separately to show that every feedback is important for your business
  • Be polite and professional. Responding to comments is part of your On-Line reputation management. The answer will be visible to everyone and, therefore, it is going to represent your brand.
The interaction with the hotel guests during their stay is key to receiving excellent comments. If the hotel staff cares about the problems and inconveniences that hosts might have, it’s highly likely that they will write a positive comment about the hotel. We must highlight that 60% of users who write a comment about a hotel show a complaint. It is thus essential to encourage all customers to leave their comments. They can be motivated at the Check-Out or, as we said in a previous pill, through a post stay Email.
If you apply the above points you will see how your customer satisfaction increases, you will receive better comments, improving your brand’s image, attracting more users and increasing the conversion ratios.