The importance of Social Media

Reading Time: 4 mins. 05/12/2017

The online marketing agency Estudio Palm tells all about the importance of social media and how managing them right can help hotels to improve their brand and have a direct impact on results.
Social media. If we have learnt one thing during the last decade, it’s that social networks are here to stay. During the last years we have seen how several platforms have changed, many others have appeared and some have even disappeared, but its existence, development and undisputed role in an online marketing strategy has remained intact.
It is important to understand that social media management is one of the key elements of a marketing strategy for businesses of all kind. However, in the touristic sector the correct use of these platforms becomes even more important, due to the type of relationship that can be developed with the traveller and the potential client.
For starters, social networks, are a way to showcasing a brand. The experience, customer service, activities offered and concept of a hotel can be reflected easily on several online platforms for the traveller to see. This means that there will have a strong brand awareness, which is much more difficult to build on other digital and printed channels. Having a greater exposure should be used by the hotelier to lead the intentions and opinions of potential customers, thus becoming a powerful source of information to be considered by managers and middle managers in the hotel industry.
Secondly, the correct management of social networks in the hotel sector creates a unique sense of proximity highly valued by those who travel, who have visited the hotel, who are thinking of booking or those who, without having a reservation intention become ‘unexpected’ clients. Due to the use that people give to social media, the hotel sector has a clear opportunity to approach, interact, listen, respond and create proximity.
We cannot forget that social networks go hand in hand with new technologies which means that they will be present in some of the most crucial moments of any potential client process: during the planning of a trip, during the stay at a hotel and once they’re back home. In these three precise moments hotels have another unique opportunity to build a relationship with its clients by listening to them, grow a ‘bond’, and create loyal customers, in addition to convince new users of the whole experience.
Nowadays, another of the very important aspects to take into account is the online reputation of a business. While taking care of it, understanding the competitive advantages of each company and offering solutions to possible problems is a must for all types of businesses, hotels are especially benefited of this aspect, because the online reputation of a hotel has the power to attract and convince new potential customers, in addition to gain loyalty of former customers. Opinion platforms such as TripAdivsor or HolidayCheck, among many others, have become a source of valuable information for travellers; there’s even more: an independent study by TripAdvisor says that it is the most reliable source when it comes down to choosing one hotel over another, because: who is going to give me a more objective opinion than somebody who has lived the experience him/herself?

One of the latest studies by TripAdvidor and PhoCusWright released in February of 2017 offered these important data to analyse: 
Understanding social media as a showcase, as an ally when it comes down to connecting and selling, as well as another extra item of the experience offered by the hotel, increases the chances that opinions and, therefore, 'the most reliable source of information’ about our establishment, become excellent.
Last, but not least, a correct management of your hotel’s social media platforms has the purpose of increasing visits to your website and promote direct sales. The professional management of social networks in the hotel sector becomes a key factor of online communication and marketing resources, whose ultimate goal is to increase direct sales to ‘stop depending on Booking’ and maximize the annual revenue.

Estudio Palm is an online communication studio specialized in social media. Despite their brief history, they have managed to become one of the referents for social media due to their work.