Pasodebooking.comhttps://www.pasodebooking.comBrave Hoteliers who are realying on direct sales Tricks to improve our keywords list 26/12/2018 Searching keywords is very important to optimize the content and generate organic traffic to our website. Creative actions for the campaigns of your Hotel. 19/12/2018 Creativity is capable of generating great ideas and new concepts. Therefore, it is important to never stop thinking, even if the idea is crazy, for sure something good will come out of it. The importance of campaigning in the Metasearch 12/12/2018 Google has decided to change its hotel positioning strategy through Google Hotel Ads and, from our point of view, we are facing a revolution that seems to benefit the hotel sector.  Tips to get more traffic in your Blog. 05/12/2018 Nowadays social media platfors are so booming that sometimes we forget that a blog can be the best tool to do our online marketing. Therefore, we want to explain some tips to improve your user traffic. Why do we use the SSL certificate? 28/11/2018 The acronyms of the SSL certificate means 'Secure Socket Layer', where we guarantee greater security and integrity to our website, a secure transmission of information through the Internet and confirm that the data is free of unwanted people. 10 tips to increase the bookings of your hotel. 09/11/2018 Taking into account some factors you can get more bookings for your website, being constant, organizing several strategies and having a persevering team all good results can be achieved. Babyboomers also matter 09/11/2018 Many of you will find the term 'old age' strange, but really many companies are already becoming the focus of attention, since they form a large part of the total number of people around the world. Trends: The future of online content marketing 07/11/2018 Content marketing and how to create relevant content is very valuable to attract a well-defined target audience. The key objective is to motivate them to be future clients. 6 errors that you should not commit through your website. 30/10/2018 The main objective of those who are looking to offer a product or service is that they focus on us and demand what we are trying to sell. But it is true that reaching that point implies going a long way. The hamburger button. It is effective? 23/10/2018 The hamburger button of a website is a menu that is hidden behind an icon and that is displayed when you click on it. The importance of SEO to attract potential customers 16/10/2018 Search Engine Opimization is what is behind the famous acronyms: SEO. It is the optimization of a web page in relation to its relevance in web search engines. That is, it consists in improving the positioning of the web in search engines. How to take control of the hotel's distribution? 10/10/2018 It may seem difficult to regain control of the distribution of your hotel, especially if we consider that the intervention of OTAs and agencies guarantees a high percentage of the occupation and represents an important part of the income of the project. How to be more "instagrammeable"? 02/10/2018 Everything instagrammable is worthy of being portrayed, published, commented, liked, shared... If you do not use this idea or concept in your day to day, you will not be late. If you want your hotel to become a pure work of Instagram, do not hesitate to finish reading this article. Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing 26/09/2018 The Inbound and Outbound Marketing are differentiated by the way in which they get the attention of the user, are two totally different methods, the first is synonymous of attraction and the last one of interruption. How to get quality followers? 19/09/2018 In every company it is necessary and very important to generate good advertisement to show the services we offer, that is why it is necessary for our hotel, both at the beginning and when we are already well known, always get our product known. How do Leads work? 12/09/2018 In today's article we will talk about a very important issue nowadays, the leads, this term refers to users who have given their data to a company and, as a consequence, it will become a contact for its database and in this way the organization will be able to interact with them. Pinterest for hotels 05/09/2018 Pinterest is a social network that allows users to search, share and organize visual content based on our tastes, which inspires us and puts our most creative side into practice. 5 tips to encourage direct sales 29/08/2018 Strengthening hotel’s website has meant that those can generate more direct contact with their customers. This translates into an increase in direct reserves, automatically decreasing acquisition costs and increasing the benefits of the establishment. How to make an effective newsletter for hotels? 21/08/2018 The hotel industry has made great strides in the online world in recent years, even though, if it is true that in what aspect you can still work more, such as a good mailing campaign. How to manage social networks? 10/08/2018 Social media platforms were born as a fun way to connect with friends and a way to show photographs, share the news that seemed interesting to each one and to show the funniest content, until now that have become the main work tool of any company. Facebook mistakes 06/08/2018 Facebook is an excellent way to communicate with your current customers and potential new ones and strengthen the admiration of your followers. Many companies start enthusiastically accumulating followers and publishing updates that end up creating a great community, but sometimes mistakes are made that are easily avoidable. In this post we will explain what they are and how to avoid them. Keys to make your video go viral 31/07/2018 According to its definition, it is said that a video is viral when due to advertising techniques, or simply thanks to good content, it is spread very quickly in a short time, similar to how a virus behaves, where its name comes from. Mobile Apps for hotels 24/07/2018 There is no doubt that we live in the era where mobile devices have become the new way in which we communicate and seek any information, especially when it comes to organise holidays. Chatbots and hotel distribution 18/07/2018 Chatbots are instant messaging applications, based on Artificial Intelligence, created with the aim of giving a quick and effective response to users interested in a brand. Discover its advantages and points to take into account when incorporating this technology. The importance of visual content 11/07/2018 According to a study conducted by Forrester Research, 90% of online consumers confirm that audiovisual content helps them in the final decision to purchase and 85% guarantee greater confidence in companies that use advertising videos. Get ready for the new GDPR 22/05/2018 El próximo 25 de mayo de 2018 entra en vigor el nuevo Reglamento General de Protección de Datos de la Unión Europea. Descubre aquí 10 sencillos pasos para prepararos ante la llegada de este nuevo reglamento. How a search engine works 16/05/2018 Como todos sabemos en los hábitos de navegación actuales todo empieza desde los motores de búsqueda. Estos motores de búsqueda ayudan a los usuarios a encontrar páginas sobre unos determinados parámetros de búsqueda. Pero, ¿como funcionan estos motores?  The importance of the website loading speed 09/05/2018 Find out why the loading speed of the web is so important in the digital strategy of any hotel brand. Key points on the digital buyer journey 03/05/2018 The path that users follow from when they decide to go on vacation until the booking of their hotel, offers so many information channels that users can feel frustrate. For that reason we would like to explain the key elements in the buying journey of a user when booking a hotel.  Infographic: when is the best moment to publish in social media? 25/04/2018 Not all social media platforms are the same nor do their users interact in the same way with the content published there. That is why it is very important to publish at the right moment to get the greatest volume of interaction.  When OTAs 'steal' the hotel's brand 18/04/2018 OTAs not only charge very high commissions for selling hotel rooms, but take advantage from them to position themselves in search engines and metasearchers Instagram works, and a lot, for hotels 11/04/2018 With more than 700 million users, Instagram has become an essential platform to create a powerful brand image for hotels. Discover why it works well and some tips to get good results. The micro-influencers 04/04/2018 The micro-influencer strategy is a great opportunity to increase sales and extend the Brand awareness of hotels in an environment where users rely more and more on the content generated by others than those generated by the brands. Being everywhere is no longer enough 28/03/2018 Building a strong brand image and maintaining it is not easy nor simple in today's omnichannel landscape. Discover the 4 basic elements in which you have to focus to build this brand and connect with users. 4 big mistakes in international PPC campaigns 21/03/2018 PPC campaigns are a very important tool to attract traffic to the web. But a successful campaign in the national market does not work in the international market. Discover the 4 big mistakes to avoid. How to create a (good) Newsletter 14/03/2018 Email Marketing is a very powerful tool to communicate with the user, but it is not enough to send any kind of Newsletter, this should be up to the user's expectations when subscribing. Content and SEO: The perfect marriage 07/03/2018 Content is the most important part of a website and, as much as it is well optimized at the SEO level, if this is not relevant in terms of searches made by users, it will never appear in the top positions. How to write a (good) copy 28/02/2018 Through a good content strategy we can capture more traffic to the web and improve the conversion by directly increasing the profitability of the hotel. But it is not about any content, it must be exceptional, able to attract the attention of the target audience, and keep them interested. Infographic: How business travelers behave 21/02/2018 In this infographic, we show you a study on the habits of corporate clients when traveling and their relationship with hotel loyalty programs, in order to get to know these clients better and to be able to define a plan of attractive advantages for them, as well as getting their attention and increasing their perception of brand value. Myths about SEO 14/02/2018 The secrecy with which Google works its positioning algorithm has led to the emergence of numerous theories and myths about SEO. Discover here some of the most widespread myths about positioning. Influencers, ¿yes or no? 07/02/2018 More and more hospitality professionals are complaining about the attitude of the influencers, who are considered advantageous people trying to get free stays or dinners. But are the influencers all the same? Is it really useful to collaborate with influencers? 5 things 'genius' brands have in common 31/01/2018 Few brands can boast the title of 'genius' when it comes to digital marketing, brands that have achieved a very positive image and are perceived as superior to the rest through exemplary marketing strategies. Today, we want to talk about the 5 things all of them have in common. Price disparities 24/01/2018 One of the most common situations is to find a wide variety of offers for the same hotel product, which is known as price disparity. Controlling the rates offered on the Internet is essential to boost direct sales. Why to avoid the 'Risk Free Reservations' from 16/01/2018 Recently, has launched a new program for hoteliers called 'Risk Free Reservations' with which seeks to ensure the sale of non-refundable rates. Here, we want to explain why you should avoid this program. The business mix: finding the ideal balance 10/01/2018 Jorge Guimerá, Revenue Manager at Ferrer Hotels, talks about the importance of the hotel distribution mix to maximize the business profitability and about how our own channel can help improve results. 5 Email Marketing trends for 2018 02/01/2018 Email is a very effective tool to establish a direct and profitable communication with customers. That is why we want to present the 5 main trends for 2018. Top 5 loyalty programs 20/12/2017 Loyalty programs are essential to boost hotel revenue and get customers back. That is why in this pill we want to tell you about the top 5 examples of loyalty programs. Shall we begin? The importance of Social Media 05/12/2017 The online marketing agency Estudio Palm tells all about the importance of social media and how managing them right can help hotels to improve their brand and have a direct impact on results. Infographic: How the millenials behave 29/11/2017 Millennials will become the biggest consumer group by 2025. Characterized by being on the lookout of Social Media and the Internet, they are more critical and demanding than other generations. Let’s have a better look at these consumers! Revenue Management, what it is and why I need it 22/11/2017 Revenue Management is focused on optimizing business decisions based on understanding and predicting demand. Through this article we want to help you understand what the revenue management is and thus improve the profitability of your establishment. Infographic: How do travellers behave on the web 15/11/2017 The first step to get more bookings through our website involves understanding the travellers’ motivations and the factors that influence the decision. In this infographic you can find some essential data that will help you improve the results of the hotel website. The importance of the On-Line reputation 08/11/2017 Looking after your brand’s On-Line reputation is as important as taking care of your establishments or the services offered in them, since it is one of the decisive factors when it comes to booking a hotel. Display retargeting: stronger brands for better results 01/11/2017 Nowadays there any many ways to attract users to our web, but the quality of these users is not always the best when it comes to conversions. For this reason we would like to talk about Display Retargeting, a high efficient technique that will allow you to improve the traffic to your web and increase the conversions.  Direct Sales vs OTAs 25/10/2017 We all know that OTAs offer a very wide showcase, which for many hoteliers becomes a tempting attribute when it comes to bed distribution, as it seems an easy way to get a high number of reservations. But let’s not fool ourselves, this channel can become very expensive at the end, for we put in third hands the viability of our business. Today, we want to show you the reality of selling through OTA versus selling through your direct channel. Infographic: 10 lessons to learn from Apple 17/10/2017 Apple has being able to stablish really revolutionary marketing strategies. Whatever your company is, a hotel chain or an independent boutique hotel, we can all learn from the marketing strategies that Apple has developed over time.   The Pre and Post stay E-Mail 11/10/2017 In previous pills we have talked about the importance of retaining our customers through a CRM strategy. This would allow us to create and retain strong and loyal relationships with customers and potential customers. Today we are going to talk about a very useful tool to promote these bonds and achieve customers’ retention. The importance of content 05/10/2017 The distribution channels in the tourism market have changed over the last years. Traditional media is not anymore, the most efficient way to get to customers and everyday more and more the On Line presence is the key for a successful direct sales strategy for a hotel. In this entry we are going to talk about the importance of the content for any hotel brand and the impact over the users. 7 Social Media trends to follow up 27/09/2017 We are all aware of the importance of Social Media in the communication strategy of any holiday product and the fast evolution of these products. What yesterday was a success, may not reach our target audience today. For that reason you cannot miss the latest trends in Social Media and start to boost your brand. The importance of customer loyalty 22/09/2017 A good loyalty strategy can help companies build and maintain strong relations with customers and potential customers with the subsequent increase on profitability. Discover here why is important to retain your customers based on data like the acquisition cost, customer expenses and conversion probability. is here 18/09/2017 We would like to present a blog for those who want to break with traditional models of hotel distribution. A complete recipe book where you will find pills on how to strengthen direct sales, hotel marketing, content marketing, SEO, Social Media, etc. No technicalities, no secondary effects.