Instagram works, and a lot, for hotels

Reading Time: 5 mins. 11/04/2018

With more than 700 million users, Instagram has become an essential platform to create a powerful brand image for hotels. Discover why it works well and some tips to get good results.
Undoubtedly, travel has always been associated with images. Before the era of smartphones, Kodak already announced that no vacation exists if no memories were kept from them. This has been multiplied with the appearance of high quality cameras in mobile phones and, above all, the proliferation of social media. We could update the announcement of Kodak saying that no holidays exist if they are not shared in social media.
And among all social media platforms highlights Instagram. The use of this platform does not seem to stop increasing, especially thanks to their stories. In turn, users increasingly spend more time on this platform to get away from the daily junk content that overflows Facebook or Twitter.
And this has changed not only the behaviour of the travellers, but also that of the hotels themselves. For them it is very important to adapt to this new use of the spaces of their hotels since the attractive photos in social media have become the new souvenir that the travellers want to take.
For hotels it is important that their customers can get a good photo moment that they can share on Instagram as they directly generate content and conversation around the brand.
But it is not easy to define a good Instagram strategy to achieve the hotel's objectives. The users of this platform expect very different things from the companies compared to the rest of social media platforms. They want to see magnificent and inspiring photos but with a human touch, images that show how the company is, a company formed by real people.
That is why we give you 4 good tips that can help boost the image of the brand in the social media platform that works best for hotels:
1. Create Instagram places
Nowadays all hotels have a place which is chosen by most of the customers to take a photo and post it to Instagram. That dream corner, like the one from Ca's Papá in Valldemossa, Mallorca, that attractive stair like the one from Cocomama in Amsterdam, or simply an element as simple as the pool float at the Tropicana Suites in Ibiza... places that seem created to measure so that each guest has its 'Instagram moment'.

Many hotel chains have already included in their brand manuals practical recommendations to create spaces that work on Instagram. But it does not matter to be a big chain with a large budget to achieve it, hotels just have to take care of the detail and have all the necessary elements so that the client feels the need to capture that moment and share it.

Here it is very important to highlight that the content shared by the Instagram community mentioning the brand is worth gold, and we must take advantage of it. It is a great opportunity to use it because it generates a sense of closeness, the community feels the brand is listening them at the same time the participation of the audience is motivated, and the users feel motivated to share their own way of interacting with the hotel.
2. Show the brand’s backstage
One of the most interesting aspects of the Instagram Stories for users is to be able to go beyond the images. People love what's behind each hotel and see things that others do not normally see.
You can take users through a small tour of the hotel, or a part of it. Show how the rooms are, the restaurant, the surroundings or anything else that might be interesting.
You can also show the staff that is responsible for taking care of the guests' stay, the objective is to show the human side of the brand
3. Interact with the audience
Instagram launched a feature in Stories that allows users to vote and choose between two options. This is a fantastic opportunity to interact with users, while getting valuable comments.
After all, the more involved someone feels with the brand, the more likely it is to build loyalty as users will feel involved and valued.
Therefore, we must promote interaction with users and motivate them to participate in the conversation with the brand. You can ask any question, big or small, from which is they favourite place of the hotel, what is their favourite breakfast dish, or how they like their towels to be folded.
4. Offer discounts
People love discounts and offers, especially if they are exclusive and limited. Instagram stories are the perfect way to offer that discount.
First, it is limited to your followers, which makes them feel special and privileged. And secondly, it is a discount that can disappear after 24 hours, which prompts the user to act quickly.
It offers the opportunity to inform fans about the discount or the special offer and link it directly to the hotel website, thus promoting direct sales.

As the marketing strategy for Instagram is developed and implemented, we will find the type of content and interaction practices that work best for each hotel. Creating a powerful brand image and growing the follow-up of this on Instagram can be challenging, but with the right strategy, you can get more participation in this social network and generate quality traffic to our website, which we can translate into an increase in direct sales.