Infographic: How the millenials behave

Reading Time: 2 mins. 29/11/2017

Millennials will become the biggest consumer group by 2025. Characterized by being on the lookout of Social Media and the Internet, they are more critical and demanding than other generations. Let’s have a better look at these consumers!
The millennial generation includes those born between 1980 and 1999. It’s a generation that comes genetically predefined by the digitalization where mobile devices play a key role when it comes to seeking for information and buying, especially within the travel industry. Such is the case that 74% of millennial travellers look for information about travelling through mobile while 55% end up booking a room.
Millennials are a complicated market, complex and with a highly different behavior from other generations. But, what do millennials want?
This generation appreciates more experiences over material things, therefore they consider travelling will be enriching for them. 56% of them state they travel at least once a year and 86% do so to discover new cultures.
For millennials, online negative experiences have a much higher impact than other generations. In fact, 86% say they would stop from buying a brand due to a bad experience as customers.
When it comes to find out information about brands and their products, 78% do this research through online reputation platforms, given that for this generation online comments are the most reliable source of information. So much so that for the 40% of millennials these comments are more relevant than the ones coming from friends and relatives. As we have already mentioned in a previous pill, looking after your brand’s online reputation is as important as taking care of your establishments or the services offered in them.
Another key fact is the great dependence they have on the Internet and, specially, on social networks. This results on higher possibilities of being influenced by Social Media. They use these platforms to express their opinions and contact brands. 60% of the millennials are inclined to talk publicly about brands in a positive way in social networks.