Nowadays there any many ways to attract users to our web, but the quality of these users is not always the best when it comes to conversions. For this reason we would like to talk about Display Retargeting, a high efficient technique that will allow you to improve the traffic to your web and increase the conversions. 
SEO, SEM, Socia Media, Affiliation…there are many channels that we use to attract qualified traffic to your websites. But not all of them end up necessarily becoming a sale, only 2% of first visits to hotel websites turn into a booking. Taking in account the enormous effort many brands make to attract traffic, it is important to have a strategy to catch the attention from the remaining 98% who left without booking.
How can we improve our conversion ratios, then? In addition to the usability analysis and improvements that we make continuously, we can influence our users with off-site actions such as display retargeting.
Display retargeting is a digital marketing technique whose goal is to hit users that have previously interacted with our brand.
Have you ever visited a web and then later, while surfing the Internet, seen that service or product you were interested in advertised elsewhere? This is known as display retargeting.
An example would be that user who goes to a hotel website willing to make a reservation, but finally leaves without finalising the transaction. He closes the web and keeps browsing. Suddenly the ads of the website he is browsing show advertisement of the hotel he was going to book. Well, that’s retargeting.
Retargeting works thanks to the cookies that are installed in the user’s browser once he visits a certain website. With this, the navigation is tracked and analyzed, identifying the interest and purchasing potential of the user, and including it in different segments that we call audiences.
If the user finally leaves your website without making a booking, he will be shown banners promoting your hotel throughout the different sites he visits, reinforcing not only your brand image, but also influencing his purchase intent.
When the user leaves your website without purchasing is because he is still considering other options. It’s the moment. The moment of truth has now arrived.
The goal of retargeting is reminding users interested in our hotels that we are there, and that we have an interesting offer for them. We encourage the memory to achieve the final conversion.
The benefits of retargeting are wide:
  • Hit users from the moment they leave the website.
  • Influencing your purchase decision towards our website, showing accurate ads to the right users.
  • Reinforce our brand image.
  • Fidelity: hit old customers to increase their loyalty.
This allows the hotelier to increase the conversion ratios, optimising the efforts put to get new users. Would you let a potential client, who is already on your store, escape?
From BookingCore we offer this service through our partner Denomatic, company specialised in retargeting for hotels, simplifying the process so it’s easy and automated for you.
This way you will be able to reach your clients and potential clients more efficiently, with the purpose of offering what interest them most at the right time. And, as always, without any hidden costs or prepayments.