Search Engine Opimization is what is behind the famous acronyms: SEO. It is the optimization of a web page in relation to its relevance in web search engines. That is, it consists in improving the positioning of the web in search engines.

Reading Time: 7 mins. 16/10/2018

Strengthening hotel’s website has meant that those can generate more direct contact with their customers. This translates into an increase in direct reserves, automatically decreasing acquisition costs and increasing the benefits of the establishment.

Reading Time: 6 mins. 29/08/2018

There is no doubt that we live in the era where mobile devices have become the new way in which we communicate and seek any information, especially when it comes to organise holidays.

Reading Time: 6 mins. 24/07/2018

Chatbots are instant messaging applications, based on Artificial Intelligence, created with the aim of giving a quick and effective response to users interested in a brand. Discover its advantages and points to take into account when incorporating this technology.

Reading Time: 5 mins. 18/07/2018

Como todos sabemos en los hábitos de navegación actuales todo empieza desde los motores de búsqueda. Estos motores de búsqueda ayudan a los usuarios a encontrar páginas sobre unos determinados parámetros de búsqueda. Pero, ¿como funcionan estos motores? 

Reading Time: 1 min. 16/05/2018

The path that users follow from when they decide to go on vacation until the booking of their hotel, offers so many information channels that users can feel frustrate. For that reason we would like to explain the key elements in the buying journey of a user when booking a hotel. 

Reading Time: 3 mins. 03/05/2018

OTAs not only charge very high commissions for selling hotel rooms, but take advantage from them to position themselves in search engines and metasearchers

Reading Time: 4 mins. 18/04/2018

PPC campaigns are a very important tool to attract traffic to the web. But a successful campaign in the national market does not work in the international market. Discover the 4 big mistakes to avoid.

Reading Time: 3 mins. 21/03/2018

One of the most common situations is to find a wide variety of offers for the same hotel product, which is known as price disparity. Controlling the rates offered on the Internet is essential to boost direct sales.

Reading Time: 3 mins. 24/01/2018

Recently, has launched a new program for hoteliers called 'Risk Free Reservations' with which seeks to ensure the sale of non-refundable rates. Here, we want to explain why you should avoid this program.

Reading Time: 3 mins. 16/01/2018

Jorge Guimerá, Revenue Manager at Ferrer Hotels, talks about the importance of the hotel distribution mix to maximize the business profitability and about how our own channel can help improve results.

Reading Time: 5 mins. 10/01/2018

Revenue Management is focused on optimizing business decisions based on understanding and predicting demand. Through this article we want to help you understand what the revenue management is and thus improve the profitability of your establishment.

Reading Time: 5 mins. 22/11/2017

The first step to get more bookings through our website involves understanding the travellers’ motivations and the factors that influence the decision. In this infographic you can find some essential data that will help you improve the results of the hotel website.

Reading Time: 2 mins. 15/11/2017

Nowadays there any many ways to attract users to our web, but the quality of these users is not always the best when it comes to conversions. For this reason we would like to talk about Display Retargeting, a high efficient technique that will allow you to improve the traffic to your web and increase the conversions. 

Reading Time: 3 mins. 01/11/2017

We all know that OTAs offer a very wide showcase, which for many hoteliers becomes a tempting attribute when it comes to bed distribution, as it seems an easy way to get a high number of reservations. But let’s not fool ourselves, this channel can become very expensive at the end, for we put in third hands the viability of our business. Today, we want to show you the reality of selling through OTA versus selling through your direct channel.

Reading Time: 4 mins. 25/10/2017