Tricks to improve our keywords list

Reading Time: 5 mins. 26/12/2018

Searching keywords is very important to optimize the content and generate organic traffic to our website.
Today we will explain the ways we have tried to find the keywords that work and how we can perform these actions. It is true that it is a process that gives you long-term results, however, it becomes very effective to position yourself in search engines.

Here are some tricks that will help us search for better keywords, optimize our articles and generate more organic traffic:

Identify who is our ideal buyer

In this aspect it is good to speak of ideal buyers (buyer person), and not of potential clients, since clients can be many, but ideal buyer, there should only be one.

We refer to those people with the greatest urgency in solving a problem, who have a higher purchasing power and that the sales cycle is as short as possible.

Think like our buyers

It is very necessary to identify our buyer, since we must know how they think and understand how they think, so we make sure we can access them more easily.

Think of the different ways in which they can search for the subject of your content or blog post. Never start using the Google Keyword Planner, it would be a serious error that can limit you to find different keywords that may be essential to generate organic traffic on the website.

Be specific

It is important to know how to search or choose keywords to write blog posts that have a good ranking within Google. We must write a process that helps us to write better content to generate more organic traffic.

Google it!

When performing a search for "keywords" we will realize that many of the variations probably will not help us, as they have no relevance to our blog post.

If we write "search keywords", we will see many variables and search options related to the topic of your blog post. The idea is to have as many variables of potential keywords and ideas before searching your keywords in the Google Keyword Planner.

Generates synonyms

Find different ways to say the same. We must search through dictionaries, through online platforms, etc. different resources that lead us to get a varied lexicon, to offer a wider range of keywords.

In this case, we are interested in searching for synonyms to "select", "search" and "process".

Use a blog

Having a Blog is not only a great tool to create content that attracts Google achieving posts with a great natural positioning, but it also allows us to:
  • Generate links: If we generate easy-to-share content, users will share it, including links, which will benefit the domain as a whole. Not everything is that the post is good, it also helps that the blog is a reliable and reputable source.
  • Create relationships: It is as simple as linking to third-party sites. Millions of people are generating very valuable content on different topics, and certainly some of them have created a resource that complements our post to perfection.
  • Strengthen your brand: Take care of the aesthetic aspect of the blog, that reinforces the identity of your company, in order to fulfill the Branding objectives of your corporate identity, such as the color palette, the images, all the typographical elements, etc.
Deep in the Social Media platforms

The natural positioning depends largely on the impact we can obtain, mainly because it allows us to establish relationships on the Social Media platforms.

Social media, currently, are a way to earn a remnant of traffic and links. Even blogs and niche forums can be great tools, even if they require more research. We will be able to achieve visibility in our specific target and they will be fundamental to attract the first followers.

Let the users participate

Users are the best way to generate content without having to do it ourselves: you have to manage that content and it requires time and dedication, but it gives impressive results.
  • Comments: Comments on blogs and, above all, on products, provide an unpayable SEO value by adding related semantic content.
  • Questions and answers: If we do not want to manage a forum but we want to allow community activity, we can accept the sending of questions and answer them ourselves, as long as it is a source with authority on a topic.
  • Ambassadors: If we have users who are really in love with us, participate in everything we do and are absolutely faithful, we can look for ways to reward them and allow them to fulfill their work as loyalists. From sending them content before launching them officially to be viralized to giving them products or mentioning them in Social Media.
The logical content if it matters

Try yourself to think logically: the natural positioning no longer goes to the content that is on a page, but the domain in its entirety. If we create a post on a topic completely unrelated to the blog we are dedicated to, it will be much more difficult for it to position itself well than a post with the theme related to that blog wen are writing in.

As you have been able to verify, there are many ways to achieve a good positioning and keyword search. Now we only have to carry it out in a constant and planned manner.

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