Trends: The future of online content marketing

Reading Time: 7 mins. 07/11/2018

Content marketing and how to create relevant content is very valuable to attract a well-defined target audience. The key objective is to motivate them to be future clients.
Content Marketing is one of the online marketing disciplines most used today, but it is not exactly something that was invented recently. Several authors have already talked about this trend a long time ago, like Joe Pulizzi in 2006, he already talked about Content Marketing and he described it as "a marketing technique for the creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and to draw the attention of a well-defined target audience, with the aim of encouraging them to be future clients".

According to the director of "Meredith Xcelerated Marketing", Dan Davenport, the definition of Content Marketing refers to a product created for a brand or a brand with a special audience and / or a specific relationship (or expectation) of particular response in mind of that audience.
"Content marketing is a technique that consists of analyzing and trying to understand what our target audience wants or needs, so that we can offer it in a relevant and, above all, more attractive way", explains Jose Facchin, content director of SEMrush in its Spanish edition and Consultant in Online Marketing and Social Media.
Even that, it’s true, that most users think that content marketing is based solely on content. Actually, this statement has part of reason, but we must know that the fact of creating content is not only content marketing, but also can be created for an advertisement, to announce some fact, or to create useless content to decorate our social media, even if it never had to be done in this way.

The purpose of content marketing is to produce enough content, so you can attract and retain those potential customers. The second purpose is to produce good content, so that it is relevant and valuable according to the stage of the funnel in which they are located.
The third, is very important, since it is about getting a good budget always taking into the possibilities of our company. Also, one of the objectives is that there is a variety of contents in order to improve our brand image. If you give your users useful and personalized content, you will improve your reputation and visibility.
In addition, it is a good way to generate direct and close relationships with users in a natural and open way, as they keep you in mind constantly. Not to mention the amount of other possibilities that it has, as it is cheaper and more profitable than the mass media, and that improves our positioning in search engines.
Recently, there has been a large increase in the number of applications where much of the web content is visual, such as Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest or Instagram, where people can tell stories through photos or videos that has become a phenomenon worldwide. Something that everyone has in common to succeed is that they have a good design. This fact is key to the success of our content, which is visually appealing.
Currently, information is accessed from different types of devices (desktop, mobile, tablet) and this will continue to happen over time. A web design that can adapt to this variety of devices will be key (responsive design), as we discussed in our pill "6 errors that you should not commit through your website".

However, as everything, and more in the technological world everything progresses and evolves, that's why in content marketing there are also new trends that are coming. Therefore, from BookingCore, we always want to inform you about the latest techniques to attract quality users to your website and be able to increase the conversion ratio.
According to the article by Forbes, published last October, "5 content marketing trends to watch in 2019", reveals what will be the future of content marketing.
1. Content marketing is becoming marketing.
The perception that many continue to have about content marketing is that it is an "external" trend to what marketing is, and not exactly the same concept. Many believed that it was something new and it would make everything work much better. It looked like something that had just arrived and that could save us from the old techniques.
But, as they say in the article, content marketing is going to be integrated into the marketing strategy, without thinking that it is something additional. It has to be part as if it were a fundamental piece to follow, since without it we would really be making a mistake.
2. Strategy will become more essential.
The content should not only be beautiful and visual, which is also important, but it will go far beyond this. It will not serve only for general purposes, but every detail will have to be taken into account. Every step will have to be worked out in accuracy and the strategy must be concrete and specific for each type of brand and the needs it requires.
3. Customer success will emerge as the new frontier.
Currently, the content will focus specifically on the consumer, thus being one more element in the search for added value.
The content will serve as another element to make the experience of the consumer positive and experiential, which also adjust to their specific needs and interests.
4. The marketing funnel will change shape.
Increasingly we are seeing greater changes in the way in which users behave within the purchase funnel. Traditionally brands try to capture these users, 'filter' them during the process according to their purchase intention with the sole objective of increasing the purchase conversion.
This fact increasingly bothers consumers, since they feel that they are only wanted to convert. Therefore, the content will be key in this change of mentality and will serve to cover and strengthen those areas in which many brands are currently failing. An example, the content will play a very important role in all post-purchase relationships, serving to curb that feeling that consumers have that once they reserve their room, the brand no longer has any interest in them.
5. Distribution will remain a driver of success.
Now, as we have explained several times in different pills as "The importance of audiovisual content", the content has become much more recurrent, and is something that brands know and take into account to reach their potential customers and to build loyalty to that already have. From now, companies in their search for success, not only have to be able to position themselves much better with their content, but also have to be able to make the consumer find them easily.
In Forbes, they advise not only to generate quality content, but also that brands are able to distribute it optimally. In fact, they make it clear that you can not only think about sharing the content through social media.
Reality is another, it is much more complex and goes beyond this. It is true that social media are useful to get a good position with an attractive content that helps to be efficient and reach more consumers. But we must be clear that it is not the only way, and we cannot hope that only with the social media can we achieve the expected objectives.

It is true that technology is constantly innovating, so we must always be attentive and open to changes. Nowadays it is not enough to follow trends or 'copy' what other brands do, but we must go ahead to obtain extraordinary results. Being different and innovative is always an added value.