Pinterest for hotels

Reading Time: 8 mins. 05/09/2018

Pinterest is a social network that allows users to search, share and organize visual content based on our tastes, which inspires us and puts our most creative side into practice.
Pinterest has 70 million users, who have marked more than 30,000 million pins and created 750 million boards. This platform is the most creative social media platform that exists for now, numerous photographs that teach us aspects of life more aspirational.
But what differentiates this network from the rest lies in the motivation to use it, as it is used to plan the future, as a platform that serves as a source of inspiration, whether to prepare a cool recipe for a party, renovate a room or plan a trip. In fact 'Holidays and events' is currently ranked as the fourth most 'pinned' by women, with the 'Travel' in eleventh place, according to the analysis of RJMetrics.
From the perspective of digital marketing, the operation of Pinterest is aligned with marketing by the way companies use their network to reach customers and how each pin links to a website. Pinterest channels the 7.1% of the traffic a page receives, only behind Facebook (21.25%) in the field of social media platforms.
The users use Pinterest to get ideas and inspiration to have more information about activities, trips, gastronomy, and that they arouse their interest. This unique type of commercial content promotes massive exchange in the network, causing Internet users to ignore which pins have been generated by users and promoted by advertisers, this factor helps us that the user does not feel attacked by numerous ads.
In this way, Pinterest is emerging as one of the platforms of greatest aspirational influence, which directly connects with the tourism sector, and more specifically with the hotelier. Therefore, after this post we should consider using this network and analyze it until it is part of our digital marketing strategy.

Pinterest is a platform valued at more than 5,000 million dollars, translated into euros is equivalent to 4,250 million euros, and a figure that reveals one of the reasons is the female presence. 92% of pins are made by women, rich and who like to spend, so they are mostly responsible for the purchases of any product.
These figures that reflect the so-called 'SHE-Conomy', along with the interest that Pinterest awakens, should help complete the hotel marketing strategy taking note that numbers and growing trends do not cheat.
Just as we talked about the main consumers of Pinterest are women who like to spend, even in this platform you can sell almost directly, since in any of your photos you can add a link that accesses directly to the web to make a book or access your e-commerce, so you can help your hotel to get more sales. As it is the case of Soho House that has its own online store that sells all its decoration products, furniture, beauty products, etc.
According to market professionals in the sector, 21% of users have purchased a product after seeing it on Pinterest and 33% of respondents said they bought a food or decoration product.
As it happens in any social network, the question that we must ask ourselves before opening our profiles on Pinterest for accommodation is to know what we want to achieve. The answer will help you decide how you want to use the platform for your business and how to achieve your goals, so in this post our intention is that you can learn how to do it.
Pinterest is a good channel for branding, that is, it is a way to make known the brand, its values ​​and everything that makes it unique and different. The different boards allow us to classify the contents and contextualize them, not only to share photographs, but also rich infographics and pins. The latter will help us offer additional information about our hotel, such as location, price, extended information of an article, valuation and punctuation, etc.
Even if it should be noted that to use Pinterest you have to resort to creativity and know what the strengths of our business are, either by having good facilities or services, or its location or by the interest that awakens the destination. But it is a rule that we must not forget, because we can only teach our strengths in the most creative way possible, even add pins from other users who have been in our accommodation that are original.
Here is an example of ACE hotels that I keep one of the pins that a client climbed from one of her accommodations in Palm Springs, an original and aspirational photograph.
As we have already commented, the intention of this post is to learn how Pinterest works in the tourism sector. It is important to keep this data in mind to start using this platform:
  • It allows us to promote the products and services of our hotels, as we explained above with the example of Soho House, which shows all its products, even though it is not a social media platform to sell directly, but it does motivate users to consume.
  • Without a doubt, this platform, improves the SEO of the companies in a great way, each pin can link to a web page or profile of social networks.
  • Several studies confirm that Pinterest is a great generator of traffic referenced.
  • One of the most sought-after categories is ‘food’, so it is a way to strengthen the restaurant, cafeteria, etc. of our hotel.

It is very important to publish your own images of your own products and services, which are attractive and eye-catching. The more quality the images contain, the more easily we will get virality on Pinterest. As it can also be interesting to create short videos about the hotel or restaurant where users can see everything you have to offer, which can be linked even with YouTube.
Another factor necessary for this platform to work is the interaction with our followers and take into account their publications, as in some cases we may be interested. In addition, for users to stay hooked to our boards it is important to always upload the greatest possible variety of content on our product or service.
A picture is worth a thousand words. Does it sound? As we already mentioned in the pill of "The importance of audiovisual content", visual or audiovisual content is the most consumed on the internet. Pinterest not only allows you to upload images and videos, but you can also include hashtags, tags and mentions to other users in order to viralize content and interact with potential customers.
To get users who already have, or get new, do not get bored is important to show images of different aspects of our hotel, so our boards will have more variety and not disappoint the viewer:
  • Rooms: We must share the best images of the hotel rooms, that draw attention, the details that can differentiate themselves from the competition and that users wish to sleep there.
  • Facilities: It will also help us, upload images and videos of the hotel facilities and their surroundings, for example: restaurants, bars, beaches, mountains, etc. If the hotel offers the wedding service, you can take advantage to create an additional board with this theme with striking images.
  • Location: Talking about the location where we are is important, sharing photographs of the most emblematic places, in addition to capturing fun moments in the place and in an original way. The typical photo of the most important monument of the place is not useful, but to give it shape and color to that image to make it more attractive. 
  • Activities: Share all the activities that are offered at the hotel, both in the spa, if you have one, or in the gym, if you can practice water sports, cycling, or go up the mountain.
  • Gastronomy: Most hotels always have their star dish and drink, it would be nice to share images of them to motivate customers and considering that the category of food is the most sought after on Pinterest, it would be interesting to share some recipes on dishes with an infographic, the more visual everything is, the more viral they can reach the pins.
  • Chef: Dedicate a board to your Chef, tell his story in a visual way with images and videos.
  • Shared Board: Let customers share their own experience at your hotel with their own images, even share the photos of the clients you have had at the hotel so that future customers can see how well others have done.
  • Tips: It offers advice on cooking, what to visit or what furniture you use in the hotel to the users through funny images Remember that Pinterest helps the sale, but its goal is not to sell, so try bringing value to your community by offering useful tips

There are still many companies that do not use this platform and may think that it is not useful. But you need to understand the overwhelming potential that Pinterest has.

We must not let your potential continue to be hidden for longer and start using it in your marketing strategy, so we must release all the creative power of our brain and embark on a path to originality.