Keys to make your video go viral

Reading Time: 8 mins. 31/07/2018

According to its definition, it is said that a video is viral when due to advertising techniques, or simply thanks to good content, it is spread very quickly in a short time, similar to how a virus behaves, where its name comes from.

A video of a few minutes can become just in a few hours in a viral plague and go around the world. With this fact, companies and brands have discovered another way to make their products or services known in a more economical, direct and funny way.

However, we must bear in mind that it is not about doing magic, there is no recipe for success, but it is true that there can be several ways to get interesting content and tend to like it to the great masses.
Certainly, it is not necessary to do a strong advertising investment, but the idea is so good in itself that, uniting it to the execution, the effect is more than perfect. In addition, it is very important to always show the most attractive part of our product, for example, if the hotel has a great views, boost your ego, or if you have a very long pool, show it in a dynamic way. The important thing is, always show the best of us.
Many times a viral video is promoted on its own, by word of mouth or by social networks, which help to amplify the message. In addition, as we already mentioned in our pill "The importance of audiovisual content", 85.8% of Internet users in Spain consume online video, so that more and more users are constantly connected to this type of content.
Words like originality and novelty have to be present to attract that audience which we want to talk about our video. It is important to keep in mind that normally, viral video tends to cross borders, so it is necessary to make sure that the content we have created has been thoroughly analyzed.
Even for the content viralization is very important to consider 3 basic factors to determine the scope of our content to be effective:
  • Initial impulse: The starting point from which we release a content If the first person who publishes it, for example, has only 5 followers, it is statistically unlikely that it will be shared. If an influencer with more or less much public, will have an immediate reach of thousands of people, so it will be viral in seconds.
  • Medium reach: Represents the number of users that can be reached, the number of fans, followers or the corresponding metric of each cannel. For example, if a content is viralized among gurus of the hospitality sector, the average reach can be in several thousands of users.
  • Contagion Index: In this case it would be the probability that a user who has been exposed to the content, consumes it or transmits it. There are two different metrics and can be calculated if we have the patience to do so.

These three factors are important to take into account when reviewing our statistics, study them to review the results and be able to learn from them in future cases. Either to improve them or simply, if it worked, equal them.

An example is the Hotel Urbem in Valencia, which has opted for viral marketing to promote itself. He has decided to take a step further in his actions of tourism promotion and bet on this type of technology, social networks as a tool for positioning and notoriety on the Internet. He has launched an interactive short film on YouTube where the user chooses the development of his own story, and have achieved more than 220,000 views.
It is an original way to create engagement among your current and future customers, also taking into account that between 60% -70% of your customers book online, they have opted for this way of advertising. So it is clear that the percentages indicate that there has been a change in the habits of the client at the time of making their reservations.
That is why it is necessary to take into account examples, from different companies, that have been successful when making this type of videos. Here is a short list of 5 keys to create viral videos based on campaign tips that have worked:
  1. Originality: They are creative campaigns that seek original alternative solutions to differentiate themselves in some way from their competitors.
  2. They are long-term: Even having passed a year, these campaigns are still current, do not go out of style, and over time have achieved the objectives and loyalty to a greater number of users.
  3. Interactivity: It makes the user participate in the campaign, get the protagonist and decide how to carry out the campaign as in the case of the Hotel that we have set an example.
  4. Unique content: It is the most important thing. It is a content that stands out from the conventions and that, in a novel way, presents something different.
  5. Call to action: Most videos add a "call to action" at the end of it. It is a call to action that gives the user the possibility to access a website or social network to expand knowledge about the brand or the campaign.
As we have listed, to give you online visibility you must create a campaign that is original, and show the uniqueness and personality of the hotel, using video or images that is always more effective to attract attention.
In addition, even if there is no fixed pattern to make a content of this type, it is necessary to take into account a few points that have at least served the videos that have been made viral so far. Then it will depend on each one to get the final point that makes users connect or not:
1. Size does matter!
According to marketing experts, we live in the world of 140 characters, so it is essential to keep the video short. Before watching any video, the first thing you do is to see how long it lasts: "10 minutes, forget it, 2 minutes, maybe, 30 seconds, of course, why not!"
In fact, a survey conducted by The New York Times revealed that more than 19% of people consulted stopped watching a video after 10 seconds, and that 44% had stopped seeing it at the minute.
2. Publish at the right time.
Mondays and Tuesdays are the ideal time to post a video, say the experts of these technologies, since most people watch videos while they are at work and in general the visits decrease during the weekends.
In addition, choosing the right moment is essential, since to publish a video related to current topics, popular memes or with any topic that has caused real furor, the chances of visits increase noticeably.
That is why, in the case of hotels, it is always good to relate to the trends that are currently taking place, always with their own personality, but for example the thematic lifestyle is booming, and if implemented with your own style can cause furor.
3. Tell an inspiring story.
The good stories that inspire are the most successful when it comes to catching those who visit the posts. Jonah Berger, author of the book "Contagious: why things catch," explains that the contents that are most likely to be shared are those that generate strong emotions in the audience.
In addition, promote the video through social networks. Facebook, Twitter and other channels can help find many users who feel identified with the story, since most of them are real people.
4. Commit yourself to do it right!
One of the keys to achieving virality is commitment, since catching an audience can generate loyalty and interest.
To win many visits it is necessary to disclose your videos in every way possible, ask your friends to share, send the video to blogs that generate a lot of traffic. If you can get at least one of the Blogs you have chosen to publish, you have already achieved it.
The more exposure, the greater the chance of appearing on the YouTube page, and that's when you will reach a larger audience with the least effort.
5. Teach and educate differently.
Your audience is always looking for new content and information, and better ways to better perform all the tasks they perform on a daily basis so offering interesting and informative content increases the likelihood that they will be shared.
An example of a viral video in which it is demonstrated that without the need to perform a super production, the content on the brand can be viralized. Dollar Shave Club launched a video explaining the how their company works, the problems faced by users and how they solve them, all in a fun way. The video has obtained more than 25 million views.
Everyone wants to learn something they do not know and videos are a great learning tool. It is also important not to leave anyone indifferent, a viral video must be unique, different and something that has not been published before. We must evoke a reaction or emotion of some kind, either positive or negative, but it has to be unusual.
As we have said before there is no magic recipe to make the video of your dreams and that has been shared with millions of people, but if the desire to do new, innovative and different things exist, there are many chances that it will be .