How to manage social networks?

Reading Time: 9 mins. 10/08/2018

Social media platforms were born as a fun way to connect with friends and a way to show photographs, share the news that seemed interesting to each one and to show the funniest content, until now that have become the main work tool of any company.
Previously, some considered that social networks were a passing trend, a tool that young people used to connect with each other and from which businesses could never benefit. But it has been demonstrated over time that the skeptics were wrong and that there are currently approximately 3.000 million Internet users, and more than 2.000 millions of them have active accounts on social networks.
These platforms have ended up becoming marketing giants, companies use these tools daily to make their brands known, they offer valuable information to businesses about their customers to a large extent in a free way to reach them.
The results of the 20th Internet Users Survey "Navegantes en la red", carried out by AIMC (Media Research Association), provide us with very interesting data on how Spanish people use social networks. A fact that draws attention is that when respondents were asked if they had accessed a social network during the previous day, the answer was affirmative in 80.3% of the cases, while the ones that said that have not connected during the last year or never, are only 5,2% of users.
At the same time, it is important to know how much time Spaniards devote to social media platforms. This same survey reveals that people who spend less than 30 minutes on social media represent 45,5% of respondents, those who spend between 30 and 60 minutes are 22,9% of users, 15,7% they already spend between 1 and 2 hours on social networks, and 15,2% spend more than 2 hours on these types of platforms.
We also know that 58% of users use social networks to follow the media, 52,9% follow companies or brands, 52% follow known people, 35,3% report to journalists, and 31,6% to television programs.
Based on this information and with a good management of social networks we can help to give visibility and a good positioning our brand, for the hotel sector they are the perfect ally to get more traffic to the website, besides it is a type of communication immediate. It is an information channel where communication is fluid, which encourages a closer relationship between hotel and client.
This type of platform humanizes the hotel and helps the client to know the establishment in a more personal way, besides interacting directly through them. Customers can be captured through the visual content of the brand, in addition the client understands better his philosophy through the images, his corporate colors, the themes of lifestyle, the environment where it is located, the news that is shared, etc.
Depending on which social media platform you are targeting, the content will be one way or another, on Instagram many more visual, on Facebook more informative, on Twitter of trends and on LinkedIn to connect with future clients or attract workers.
As already mentioned in the pill "The importance of Social Media", social media platforms are here to stay. If you still do not know how to manage these new platforms in this article, you will find here all the necessary resources to become an expert on each platform.
Due to the character of Facebook, visual content is needed, which is quickly captured at a simple glance and away from long lines of text that do not contribute anything, even though it is sometimes interesting to report interesting news related to our environment. Some recommendations to use these social media platforms:
  • It is important not to automate the updates, each social network has a different audience and it is important to take it into account to express yourself in a different way.
  • Be interactive with your users, this social network asks you for interaction, it is essential to listen to your users and know what they want, in addition to answering them, there is no worse showcase, a user asking a question on Facebook, and not answer, it is important to be attentive.
  • Do not just share beautiful images: Take traffic to other websites, platforms, social networks, etc. Share links to your blog if you have it, including forms to subscribe to the newsletter, information about your location.
  • Use different formats, interspersing videos with images, infographics, text, eBooks, links, etc. On Facebook there are many possibilities in this sense, so it is important to carry them out.
  • Create your own content. Images and videos are one of the most shared content on Facebook, so it is extremely important that the content is your own and adapted to your brand. According to various market studies, publications with an image get 53% more likes than the average of the articles, and 104% more comments than a publication without an image.

The queen of the visual is Instagram, although it may seem like a simple social network, it is not. To get that this platform works it is necessary to carry out a meticulous strategy and to get an attractive material. It is very important to consider all kinds of detail to get followers, notoriety and any other type of metric. In the following points we will explain how it can work:
  • Very worked visual content: It requires a lot of work in the content, being a 100% visual platform, it is very important that the images and videos that are shared are very original and that they transmit the image you want to transmit of your hotel. It could be more serious or more dynamic, but always with a lot of personality, regardless of the theme.
  • Short texts and clear titles, you need to explain yourself with the least amount of words. On Instagram, a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Use hashtags, but without happening as we commented on the pill “Facebook mistakes", on Instagram is similar, it is not necessary to use 100 hashtags, but to take 3-4 that are those that describe your image.
  • If you give, it helps you get in. One of the most effective tactics on Instagram is to try to give a like in the photos of the users that interest you to “reactivate them”. Look at the percentages of reactivation, so inactive followers will come back to you to continue having a digital relationship.

This example is from W Hotels, they have a very strong personality, which perfectly describes their daring and dynamic values, with unique and own images.
It is very important to bear in mind before we start making specific content for Twitter is that we have to identify the profile of the user that follows us. Once we have identified it, it is necessary to consider these tips:
  • Interact with your followers. In Twitter to create content it's about interacting, talking and participating in all the topics that are interesting for your followers, it's good to do RTs, mentions and start conversations with other users.
  • Use a URL shortened, which will help you minimize the size of your URL and allow you to measure the performance of a certain link, one of the most common is We recommend since you can customize a multitude of elements.
  • Do not be repetitive! It's no use publishing what you post on other social networks and talking about the same topics all the time.
  • Adapt the headlines you use and give them your essence, optimize the statements so that you express the best information in those 140 characters.

LinkedIn is a tool that helps us relate to other professionals, can help us increase our network of contacts and can help us find new professional opportunities. But to keep it active you need to take these recommendations into account:
  • Keep the profile updated. LinkedIn is a tool that has been created to be used on a regular basis and it is necessary to update the profile data. The photo must be updated at least once a year and works better if it is linked to the blog (if you have) and, of utmost importance, on the website.
  • Do not be abusive. It is better not to send private messages, contact by this means when you do not have another option and you need to communicate something directly. If you get the person's email, it is better to send an email to your address. But never do spam. 
  • Take care of the contacts you have, we do not know when we will need them again, the small details are always the ones that add up.
  • Contact groups, gather this type of users is perfect to discuss a topic of interest that all have in common. Not only should send questions or surveys, but it is very interesting to join discussions to get to know more about your brand environment.

After these specific recommendations for each social network, there are also some tips that encompass all of them equally and it is very necessary to consider. Having presence in at least two different social networks, even if you have more than two is very important to be sure if you can cover them, since the content as we have mentioned above, it is very important that it be different.
It is also important to add that you do not have to be in all existing social networks, only in those where you have an impact on your target audience. For example, if you detect that your target audience is not on Twitter, do not waste time generating content in a place where your target audience is not.
In these platforms the publications must be updated frequently and also must be shared at the right time, to achieve greater engagement among your followers is important to publish at times in which users are connected and active. In our infographic already published in our blog in the pill "When is the best moment to publish in social media?" You can find out when is the best time.
As it is also important to create a publication calendar to follow the content you post and measure the results. Once you have made your publications it is important to answer everyone who participates in them, in this way you will build a relationship of trust with your users.
Social media platforms have become a fundamental tool, which is why it is very important to take care of them and pamper them, create a profile for each of the platforms with very differentiated content and adapted to each one of them. By dedicating time, effort, defining objectives, the success of your brand will be assured.
And remember, it is always much better to be in few social media platforms but with a different content and quality, to be in many places where the content is repetitive and scarce.