How to make an effective newsletter for hotels?

Reading Time: 7 mins. 21/08/2018

The hotel industry has made great strides in the online world in recent years, even though, if it is true that in what aspect you can still work more, such as a good mailing campaign.
Writing a newsletter for hotels in the same way that a campaign for another type of business, such as a clothing brand, is a mistake. To begin with, in a fashion e-commerce, many of its customers usually buy every day so a more habitual communication can be established.

As we explained earlier in the pill "How to create a (good) Newsletter", this channel is a very powerful tool for communication with the user, even though it is always necessary to live up to the user's expectations.

We must always think that the users to whom the hotel's newsletter is sent, in addition to your mail, receive dozens of mailings a day and most likely do not spend a second reading an email that does not call his/her attention. For this same reason the wording is the most important element, it should be brief, concise and surprising.
Shortness and conciseness are two very important factors. Using more words than strictly necessary to draft a newsletter subject will only dissolve its strength and divert the attention of users. Think about the benefits that the newsletter will bring to the recipient and present them in a few words and with great force.
The surprise factor is the one that will give added value. If we were the only hotel that uses the newsletter as a communication channel with its clients, we could ignore this step but we know that it is not so. An issue that surprises is an email that will have a very important opening rate and therefore, with high chances of success.
Even though it is necessary to understand that an "effective Newsletter" will only be effective if it fulfills its objective. And in order to fulfill its objective, we must first understand what it is.

There are 3 fundamental reasons why we send these types of emails:

1. To spread our content and increase the awareness of our brand.

2. Convert subscribers into qualified leads and thus achieve a potential clientele.

3. Loyalty to users through useful content, improving their engagement with our brand.

This section is very significant, because as a result of your goals you can develop a content adapted to your newsletter, making a type of message based on what we want to convey.

We will repeat again the importance of the message, it must be clear, concise and direct. It is the most important when designing a newsletter, why? Because it would be useless for us to send the most beautiful template in the world if a message has not been generated that reaches the recipients, that transmits something and can persuade us to take an action. Here you can find some instructions to get a good message:
  • We must bet on short paragraphs and reflect on how we would like to receive this information to ourselves, so we can apply the content that appeals to you in the best way possible.
  • It is important to opt for graphic and audiovisual content, as we have already mentioned in other posts, a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Generate desire to continue reading, do not tell everything, give clues and indicate how to continue reading, some way to visit your website through images, show the most beautiful part of your hotel. 
  • Offer an appeal, offers, promotions, gifts, so that the reader has the need to click, but always trying to produce a smile for the user.

Knowing the objective of your newsletter and creating a good content message is the most important thing, but design is the next step we must follow. It is necessary to change the message and the design as different shipments are made. It is not convenient to bore contacts by turning your message into a routine for them.
Just as recipients need to feel that there is a human behind the message, no one likes to be treated by a robot. In mailing also occurs as in customer service calls, users do not like to be served by a recording. So, start to notify your newsletters identifying with name and surname, followed by the name of the company.
Once we have achieved these steps, as we have said before it is necessary to make a segmentation list, a successful email is the one that is sent at the right time to the correct person. It is important not to send an email by mistake, to offer a possible customer a product that does not need can be a waste of time and customers. This occurs due to a segmentation error in the company's database, we explain 2 tricks to prevent this from happening:
  • Segment the contacts by smaller groups and based on different variables such as: gender, age, residence, habits... As more segments, more you will know your audience, therefore, you can offer more specific products, generating a sales conversion higher.
  • Enter registration forms or periodic surveys. Users will respond and you can archive the data to make the divisions in the lists.

We must bear in mind that it is not advisable to buy databases and not include the low link in your newsletter. Creative mailings have to please the reader and not be seen as an interference in their life, which not only harms us as a brand but is also illegal in Europe through the new GDPR.
A trend that is very interesting to follow for a newsletter to succeed is to add Call to Action buttons. In our hotel case, it is very necessary to add the booking button, in this way users can reach the booking page immediately.
The characteristics of the CTA (Call to Action) must be very visible to the reader. Before a quick reading, they have to stand out, you can insert buttons with a background color different from the color of the newsletter, with a larger size, another typeface if necessary ... Any aspect that indicates the presence of this button.
Customers also want to not only feel overwhelmed to sell them something, but also like to feel that they are thinking about them. For example, send a newsletter on the day of the birthday explaining that you will have a discount for your special day. This is what is known as encouraging recipients, offering something for their loyalty, for a special occasion or for having registered in our newsletter.

Another point that we must also monitor is the content of the message and not include "spamwords" in it. There are some forbidden words to avoid, because they will take your message directly to junk mail, here you have a list of them.

We all know that if they send us an email it is for something, so we always look for what the objective is, to know if we are interested or not. Therefore, we have being repeating that the brevity and conciseness of the message is very important, since it helps much more than an email full of details that almost nobody usually read.

The key is to know who the subscriber is, to whom we send the newsletter and that he/she knows the objective of the email as soon as possible, so we can capture your interest from the first moment.