How to get quality followers?

Reading Time: 9 mins. 19/09/2018

In every company it is necessary and very important to generate good advertisement to show the services we offer, that is why it is necessary for our hotel, both at the beginning and when we are already well known, always get our product known.
As we already know, and we have previously commented on previous posts, social media have been gradually becoming the platforms with the greatest help to make our brand known. For this reason, giving importance to having followers through social media platforms is inevitable, it does not take more than a brief look at the campaigns of different companies to realize that the digital world is one of the most important factors.
In the field of hospitality, having many followers helps to increase confidence in our project, and improve the online presence, as it is true that it seems that, the greater the number of followers, the higher the credibility and reputation of the brand. However, the power of a high quality of followers is what really should interest us, since, if a user does not generate engagement or is not interested in the brand, it will become a simple follower.

The professionals of digital marketing and social media of our hotel should consider how to get quality followers in social networks, those users who really have affinity to the target audience marked by the company or the personal brand.

So that you can understand what we meant when we talk about the quality of a follower, in this post we will explain what type of user this term refers to.
  • Share interests related to the brand.
  • Generates engagement with social profiles.
  • Consume the content you publish.
  • Share the content with your online community.
  • New users could be potential clients of your products or services.
  • Give feedback of your experience, allowing you to improve and learn first-hand the user experience.
In definitive, people who help meet the objectives set because they are interested in it and can go from being followers or users.
Sometimes we can find a lot of hotel projects that do not take care of their community and do not know the level of participation of their followers.
So this implies that they do not measure the social traffic derived from their website and do not know how many direct and indirect conversions come from their social networks. That is, there are many companies that not only do not seek how to get quality followers, but also do not measure what happens with the online community that they already have generated.
Having many followers will improve the online presence of the brand, and will increase the credibility in the eyes of those who first come to that social profile.
However, thinking about how to get quality followers, and not only increase the community in number, will bring us many more benefits.
  • Engagement: A community of followers, that is active and interacts, generates more value, it will generate more dynamism in our profiles of social networks, likes, more comments and mentions that will help us to be more recognized and reach more public.
  • Dissemination: We will have more followers who will read the content we publish, and this will cause the content to be shared more times, as well as the number of recommendations will also be ascending.
  • Sales: A community of quality followers in social networks will make it possible for sales to increase because the level of affinity will be much higher, more and more companies are engaged in ecommerce, and in hotels, even if we do not think so, They also dedicate more time to these sales, as different companies already do, selling furniture, amenities, clothes, etc. of their own brand.
  • Feedback: Quality followers are more willing to share their experiences and contribute opinions and suggestions that will allow you to evolve and improve.
So that our community can give us good results like the ones we are explaining, it is important to consider some tricks and some data to shape the creation of a community of quality social networks.
Still we must first define how our target audience is: You must define your buyer person well to know who you are targeting. So how we discussed in the pill "Key points on the digital buyer journey"
Take into account how we want to focus our networks to attract customers for our hotel, since the customer or potential customer of social networks is mostly 18 - 30 years old.
Also in which channels are those users, select and choose in which social network you have to be and what your online presence should be like.
To be able to get quality followers, the essential thing is to move in the channels in which your target audience is. If you open profiles on social media platforms randomly, you may not find quality users because they simply do not use those networks.
A preliminary study of our objectives and depending on the situation of the sector will help you to better define your online marketing strategy.
1. Analyze the community of quality followers of your competition 

As it happens in other marketing strategies, you must make a well thought out strategy of social networks. That is, when considering how to get quality followers you must analyze the community in the social networks that have your direct competence.
A good idea would be to examine which profiles are really interesting and start following them. In this way, your community will expand with similar and qualified profiles.
Even that you must have some criteria in mind at the time of its creation:
  • Real Profiles: Observe that they are well defined with photography and real biography.
  • Common interests: The contents you share and write about must be related to your business.
  • Minimum audience per profile: That is, how many people you follow and how many follow you. One case could be filtering, for example, not following followers with less than 100 people in your community.
  • Minimum engagement: Observe how many daily posts you make, or the minimum number of shares, comments, favorites and I like it.

2. Generate high value and impact content 
Once you have identified your audience and know what social networks they are on, you must define what your content strategy will be.
When generating content this should be interesting to your audience. Show what you are expert at and can meet the user’s needs. It is important to generate content that is attractive, as we discussed in the pill "The importance of audiovisual content" is becoming increasingly important as we perform the content. In our case, it is necessary to teach the most impressive parts of our project.

3. Generate engagement
You must generate engagement in social media platforms. This means, generate responses, likes and interaction in the profile. Not only do you need to know how to get followers, but you need your 'timeline' to be active to promote the relationship with these followers.
To achieve this, you must launch contests and promotions, conduct surveys to get to know your audience even more, create content groups, and dialogue and respond to problems.

4. Choose who to follow and who not to follow
To achieve quality followers in social networks you must establish a firm and consistent criterion based on the social media strategy marked.
There are still actions to follow up on profiles in a massive way, or based on the belief that, if a user follows us, we follow them. The truth is that this is not professional, but absurd, because being a brand must be clear who are our references.

5. Connect with the influencers of your sector
It is also necessary to know how to identify the most relevant influencers in the sector of our market. Those that connect with our brand image or content line will have a more affinity community to connect with them.

6. Take care and clean up your quality followers in Social Networks
We must maintain a healthy community of followers. For this we must analyze which followers are active, which publish content that has no relation to your content strategy and which ones do, or who you follow but that does not deserve to be followed.

7. Use different formats in content
You must be original and present the contents with creativity. It is not just the text or the animated gif, but you must enter totally into the visual world, through infographics, videos, podcasts or webinars.

8. Drive with Social Ads
Advertising tools in social media platforms will help you in our tasks of how to get quality followers promoting your publications or your website. These well-managed tools manage to impact the public and attract new followers.
Facebook Ads (which include Instagram), Twitter Ads or Google Adwords are some of these tools that allow us to carry out advertising campaigns with a good segmentation: age, sex, profession, geolocation, interests, etc.

9. Measure, analyze and parameterize your followers
It is necessary to continue working and studying how to improve, who can interest us more for our objectives, some social networks will provide us with basic data so that we analyze the level of interaction of the community, such as the sociodemographic profile, the geolocation or the most shared contents, among others.

10. Search for groups or communities related to your content
A good way to solve how to get quality followers are the groups or communities. In some social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn there are these types of tools to contact people related to our brand.
In other social networks like Twitter you can find those profiles that interest us analyzing hashtags or lists created by other users. The objective is to locate places where people who are potential target of the brand meet and exchange dialogues.
As we can see, more is not more important than quality, because no matter how high our number of followers, if those users do not contribute anything, it will make our community dead.
By getting quality users we are expanding our possibilities and improvements in the return on investment we are making. Therefore, before starting to create our own community we must have made clear what our objectives are and who are part of our target.
Most importantly, we should never underestimate the relationship with our followers, as they can provide you with a lot of information and better publicize the needs that we still need to cover.