How to be more "instagrammeable"?

Reading Time: 7 mins. 02/10/2018

Everything instagrammable is worthy of being portrayed, published, commented, liked, shared... If you do not use this idea or concept in your day to day, you will not be late. If you want your hotel to become a pure work of Instagram, do not hesitate to finish reading this article.
 If your target audience are millennials, there is no doubt that you have to read this pill, and if they are not, read our pill 'How millennials behave', where we explain how the biggest consumption group will behave in 2025. But not only goes millennials, Instagram serves and much if you want to have a high visibility in social networks, always works to be present in the maximum possible means.
Instagram, as we already know, is an application that allows you to share photos and videos with photographic effects such as filters, frames, color tweaks, among other options, that make an image more attractive. So it has become a good tool when choosing a destination for the hotel market.
Since this social media platfotm reached the mobile screens, the way of life has changed and a clear proof of this is traveling: the Insta-travel is the new way. Hotels have become a perfect place where you want to get the perfect picture and gain popularity through "likes" on social networks. In fact, according to experts, one out of six people admit having chosen a hotel according to its potential to gain popularity in this type of apps.
Social networks have influenced so much in the day to day of each one that, according to reports from marketing professionals, young people spend around 80 minutes a day, on their holidays, in being connected and two thirds are attached to Instragram.
As we have already commented, since technology and social media platforms are part of our lives, we are guided by them to choose our holiday destination or where to eat. According to the study published by Schofields Insurance, 40.1% of Britons surveyed between 18 and 35 years old, claimed to choose their holiday destination based on what they would publish on their social networks, as the main objective.
Next, for millennials it is important to know, with 24%, the price and / or availability of alcohol; personal development with 22.6%; the odds of experimenting with local cuisine with 9.4%; and finally, the opportunities for tourism with 3.9%.
If there is a factor that today, in 2018, can make us opt for a travel destination or another, for one hotel or another, that is its instagrammability. Just look at the Instagram feed to see that in the millennial era, the only thing that matters is the "instagrammability" that is the place, and the likes that come behind. So now the most important thing for young people is to go in search of these sites to get that image they see so much for the famous social network.
Currently, there are already some hotels that are referring to the high level of instagrammability. Each of them has enhanced their strengths and their most attractive face. As we already mentioned in the pill 'The importance of visual content', it is always necessary to show our strong points, it is even important to have a good photographic content, it is important to invest in this part, since it will be the image of our identity.
The most instagrammability hotels in the world, stand out for their great beauty, their architecture, their food, designs or landscapes. Actually, we do not know if they are as beautiful as they appear but the important thing is that they have enhanced their best face and have created an exceptional feed that everyone falls in love with.
In Maldives, we can find the hotel Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. Eating underwater is a perfect combination to take a picture without using any filter. It is true that the place already helps him to be the most instagrammable hotel of 2018, but it is also true that they know how to stand out with good photographs and an enviable, orderly feed that knows how to show your product and location well.
In London, the Hotel St. Pancras Renaissance, was the stage to shoot some scene of the Harry Potter Saga and the musical video of "Wannabe" of the Spice Girl. And, now, it's the perfect place to be photographed. The building is an example of Victorian Gothic architecture and not only that, but also supports the pet friendly concept that the millennial public loves so much.
In Mexico
, the Rosas & Xocolate hotel, its photo gallery is an authentic delight, and that is where everything (absolutely everything) is pink. From its facade to its interiors, the walls of its isolated and charming courtyards to the accessories of its rooms and its night lights.
In Bali, the The Udaya resort, apart from being located in a place surrounded by green nature, also has a spa full of luxuries. And it offers one of the best breakfasts on the island, and you can not only eat them at a table, but also inside the pool. That's how all millennials want to take a picture!
Le Yasmine Hotel, located in Marrakech. It has one of the most photographed pools by all the influencers, if you look for #marrakech in 70% of the photographs, we will find girls posing for this extremely beautiful pool. Le Yasmine is a small hotel, but it has known how to strengthen its strengths and has made it a world-known place. It is a great example of how we should know how to take advantage of our project.
In Spain we also have two of the most instagrammable hotels in the world. The hotel Aire de Bárdenas, and Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel.
The last one has recently been awarded as the most instagrammeable hotel in Spain. Its architecture is inspired by that of South Beach Miami, seventies style furniture and the curve and pastel colors as protagonists of this hotel (only suitable for adults) in which art and cultural agenda play a fundamental role.
New since March 2018 and for now the most visited by influencers, and without a doubt, the most photographed. The Paradiso is part of the Concept Hotel group, which also has, among others, the Cubanito and the Tropicana, they also have a high level of instagramability.
This hotel group is a clear example of knowing how to get the most out of its potential, since they are not located either on the seafront or in a precisely enviable place. But through its architecture, good photographs and good marketing have been known to be the best possible.
Desierto de las Bárdenas reales in Navarra, where the famous Bubble Hotel Aire de Bárdenas is located, for publishing in the editorial T Magazine of New York Times, and for the hundreds of people who are now going to take their photo for Instagram. This place has gone around the world in the social network for its spectacular scenery, architecture and design that everyone seems to love.

Technology never stops advancing, according to what aspects it evolves in a more or less useful way, but it is undeniable that we are living in a very superficial era, it is in which we are currently, and we must adapt to it. Once we’ve already said in our pill, 'Instagram works, and a lot, for hotels'!
If your target audience is millennials or you want to be recognized globally, we must be present in this social tool and strengthen our hotel in the best possible way.