The hotel industry has made great strides in the online world in recent years, even though, if it is true that in what aspect you can still work more, such as a good mailing campaign.

Reading Time: 7 mins. 21/08/2018

Email Marketing is a very powerful tool to communicate with the user, but it is not enough to send any kind of Newsletter, this should be up to the user's expectations when subscribing.

Reading Time: 5 mins. 14/03/2018

In this infographic, we show you a study on the habits of corporate clients when traveling and their relationship with hotel loyalty programs, in order to get to know these clients better and to be able to define a plan of attractive advantages for them, as well as getting their attention and increasing their perception of brand value.

Reading Time: 2 mins. 21/02/2018

Loyalty programs are essential to boost hotel revenue and get customers back. That is why in this pill we want to tell you about the top 5 examples of loyalty programs. Shall we begin?

Reading Time: 5 mins. 20/12/2017

In previous pills we have talked about the importance of retaining our customers through a CRM strategy. This would allow us to create and retain strong and loyal relationships with customers and potential customers. Today we are going to talk about a very useful tool to promote these bonds and achieve customers’ retention.

Reading Time: 4 mins. 11/10/2017

A good loyalty strategy can help companies build and maintain strong relations with customers and potential customers with the subsequent increase on profitability. Discover here why is important to retain your customers based on data like the acquisition cost, customer expenses and conversion probability.

Reading Time: 5 mins. 22/09/2017