Creative actions for the campaigns of your Hotel.

Reading Time: 3 mins. 19/12/2018

Creativity is capable of generating great ideas and new concepts. Therefore, it is important to never stop thinking, even if the idea is crazy, for sure something good will come out of it.
In the hotel sector it is necessary never stop creating ideas, even if we have the hotel full, we must continue working harder if it is possible. However, there are many ways to find new ways for our hotel to continue to grow, but there is no doubt that using a little creativity in each of our actions always works.

To promote our hotel there is nothing better than having a quality product, but it is true that it does not matter what category the hotel is classified. New tips and ideas always work to improve, whatever our type of project.
We propose a series of actions that you can use as a resource when promoting your hotel:
Create and sponsor events. It is very important to exploit the situation in which we find ourselves, take advantage of the spaces and services of our hotel to carry out different events. Just as we must ensure that our potential clientele wants to participate. You can perform different sporting events, concerts, fairs, we also try to leave a positive image and involvement that has benefits for the community and benefits. Be creative and think different events, such as making a popular party with a personal touch in our hotel parking lot (in the case we have) or market with new designers, artists, chefs, etc.
Show your product! Bring closer the product to the client, if we want to promote the cocktails of the rooftop bar or we want to encourage the consumption of some of our star dishes of our establishment, we have to get them to know these facts. An option that does not hurt is to approach them to taste. It is a good way to have satisfied customers, create good expectations and boost the consumption of certain products.
Street Marketing, a good idea! A very creative way to relate accommodation and destination. This is one of the actions that best let us unleash the imagination and get attention from potential future potential customers.
• Act differently! Having a bad structure routine and passivity ends with the illusion. Therefore, it is important to retain our customers with originality and common sense by adapting the product to the time of year or the target. We could, for example, propose "the spring festival" or another season, but always creating a fun theme for our users.
• Use all facilities to the fullest. Squeeze the hotel facilities and launch new products, so you generate an environment of exclusivity around them. Just as we must exploit new technologies, creating a community will generate a field of cultivation to improve interaction, feedback with the client and wider dissemination of the brand.
These are some examples that we can offer you, but in order to let go of the imagination it is always important to think a lot, maybe to get away from the comfort zone, it is a way for us to see new places that inspire us to create new ideas. Moving from the place where we are always, is a way to open the mind and make original ideas.
Another way that helps the inspiration of creating ideas is to be an observer, extract stories from strangers that you cross. Imagine who they are and who they have been. It's about imagining stories that inspire you to take creative actions for your business.

In short, being creative is complicated for people who have not been born with that gift, but by striving and not stopping thinking you can never get that ability to create and be original.