Creativity is capable of generating great ideas and new concepts. Therefore, it is important to never stop thinking, even if the idea is crazy, for sure something good will come out of it.

Reading Time: 3 mins. 19/12/2018

Everything instagrammable is worthy of being portrayed, published, commented, liked, shared... If you do not use this idea or concept in your day to day, you will not be late. If you want your hotel to become a pure work of Instagram, do not hesitate to finish reading this article.

Reading Time: 7 mins. 02/10/2018

In today's article we will talk about a very important issue nowadays, the leads, this term refers to users who have given their data to a company and, as a consequence, it will become a contact for its database and in this way the organization will be able to interact with them.

Reading Time: 6 mins. 12/09/2018

Pinterest is a social network that allows users to search, share and organize visual content based on our tastes, which inspires us and puts our most creative side into practice.

Reading Time: 8 mins. 05/09/2018

Social media platforms were born as a fun way to connect with friends and a way to show photographs, share the news that seemed interesting to each one and to show the funniest content, until now that have become the main work tool of any company.

Reading Time: 9 mins. 10/08/2018

Facebook is an excellent way to communicate with your current customers and potential new ones and strengthen the admiration of your followers. Many companies start enthusiastically accumulating followers and publishing updates that end up creating a great community, but sometimes mistakes are made that are easily avoidable. In this post we will explain what they are and how to avoid them.

Reading Time: 8 mins. 06/08/2018

According to its definition, it is said that a video is viral when due to advertising techniques, or simply thanks to good content, it is spread very quickly in a short time, similar to how a virus behaves, where its name comes from.

Reading Time: 8 mins. 31/07/2018

According to a study conducted by Forrester Research, 90% of online consumers confirm that audiovisual content helps them in the final decision to purchase and 85% guarantee greater confidence in companies that use advertising videos.

Reading Time: 4 mins. 11/07/2018

Content is the most important part of a website and, as much as it is well optimized at the SEO level, if this is not relevant in terms of searches made by users, it will never appear in the top positions.

Reading Time: 3 mins. 07/03/2018

Through a good content strategy we can capture more traffic to the web and improve the conversion by directly increasing the profitability of the hotel. But it is not about any content, it must be exceptional, able to attract the attention of the target audience, and keep them interested.

Reading Time: 4 mins. 28/02/2018

The secrecy with which Google works its positioning algorithm has led to the emergence of numerous theories and myths about SEO. Discover here some of the most widespread myths about positioning.

Reading Time: 3 mins. 14/02/2018

The distribution channels in the tourism market have changed over the last years. Traditional media is not anymore, the most efficient way to get to customers and everyday more and more the On Line presence is the key for a successful direct sales strategy for a hotel. In this entry we are going to talk about the importance of the content for any hotel brand and the impact over the users.

Reading Time: 7 mins. 05/10/2017