10 tips to increase the bookings of your hotel.

Reading Time: 8 mins. 09/11/2018

Taking into account some factors you can get more bookings for your website, being constant, organizing several strategies and having a persevering team all good results can be achieved.
The tourism sector is a world that evolves rapidly and constantly and therefore, hotels in this case, must face these new changes and adapt. We must bear in mind that to sell our hotel online it is important to be organized and cautious, since it requires patience and a lot of effort.
Today we want to give you some tips so you can put them into practice and we hope you will work on them constantly. We believe that following this list we can get very good results and benefits:
1. Update the content of our media.
Many times you find content that has not been updated. In digital marketing for hotels content is king, as we have already mentioned several times in other pills.
First of all, it is basic to know that the positioning of Google penalizes you for not updating your website, since it seems that we do not exist and that we do not offer interesting content to users. In addition to losing credibility to our customers, without mentioning that we offer the bad image of a brand that is not updated.
It can also affect the conversion rate because users will not find interesting content on the hotel's website. We have to take into account that the website is the exterior showcase of the hotel.
The objective that we must have clear is that it is necessary to adapt to a changing market and in constant digital evolution, betting on a service that allows companies and institutions to rely on data dissemination of content.
2. To know what our target market is.
In either case, the success or failure of each strategy will depend on the level of consumer knowledge. That is, the more information we have about it, the more possibilities we will have to generate an effective product.
We will need to understand what our target is in order to start communicating in one way or another. Segmenting our target market will allow us to better understand the demand of our hotel and to orient our offer and marketing efforts towards one way or another.
So we should develop a profile of our potential customers based on their preferences and market preferences. For example, women do not consume the same products as men. Or the babyboomers that the millennials as we saw in our previous pill 'Babyboomers also matter'. It is necessary to understand and accept that we can be affected by different cultural factors, the educational level, the social group in which our consumer belongs, etc. since it will depend on which purchase objective make you opt for one brand or another.

3. Optimize SEO positioning.
Having a good number of comments and reviews, exchanging links with other websites, having relevance in social networks, creating good links for navigation, and relying on tools such as Google Analytics.
The SEO for hotels is based on that you can focus the contents of your website, adding the location, special features and services of the place, to begin to bring the results of Google to your potential guests.
You can also get the SEO guide for hoteliers of BookingCore, where we explain the different processes that we must perform to achieve a good SEO optimization.

4. Create a Blog.
Having a Blog can help us to better position our website and therefore reach more people. Of course, if we decide to make one, that is to use it and feed it. If not, it is better not to have it.
A blog will give you the opportunity to publicize all the tourist offer that there is in our hotel as in our surroundings of our location. We can offer valuable information for clients or potential customers.
5. Create a good strategy in Social Media.
The Social Media strategy that must be followed will vary greatly depending on the size and type of establishment we want to communicate. We will have to create a strategy depending on how the hotel is and what values ​​it wants to offer, but as we have also commented on other pills such as "How to be more "instagrammeable"" or "The important of the visual content", it is very important to always get the most attractive part of the project.
Social Media give great visibility around the world and help us get more traffic to the website. The best part of it is that they do not involve any cost and are immediate, so it is worth trying to work but always analyzing and creating an idea with which we feel identified and without ceasing to be constant. Creating a good strategy will help us to have a fluid communication between the clients and our hotel, and will help us to humanize our establishment.

6. Maintain a good reputation online.
To have a sustainable and lasting business in the digital world, it is important to build a solid reputation. It is essential that consumers have confidence in us.
But it is easy that this confidence can be broken, so we must establish good communication and have feedback with reviews and comments that we can receive on the network. We must monitor all our networks and be aware of any change or opinion of users to avoid misunderstandings.
7. Offer advantages by booking through the website.
Nowadays, the dream of every hotel is to get the most reservations, if not all, through its website. In BookingCore we always support this part and always work to get a website that requires the features to improve direct sales, in addition to our pill "5 tips to encourage direct sales" we already mentioned some tips to improve our direct booking traffic.
One of the tips we can offer is to always offer some added value by booking with us, such as offering breakfast included, more flexibility in the check in & check out schedule, among many other extra services that we are willing to offer. offer in a 'free' way, that is, already included in the price.
But the most important thing is always to guarantee the best rates through our website and highlight in all the publications or advertisements the advantages of booking directly on the Hotel's website.

8. Choose a suitable booking engine to manage the business in a global way.
To decide which booking engine we want to use for our website and that helps us receive more sales, we must take into account different factors. One of them is to be clear that an urban hotel is not the same as a vacation hotel, an apartment block that a hostel, or a hotel group that a camping. Each type of establishment has a series of different needs and a different optimal solution.
We must ensure that it offers all the functions we are looking for, that it has a mobile version, which is easy to manage by the hotel staff and, above all, that it is easy and intuitive for the user, since however good and beautiful the web is , no matter how cool the booking engine is, if the user can not easily book the conversion percentage, it will surely be well below the set targets.
9. Carry out Cross-Selling actions.
The Cross - Selling are actions that focus on making good communication strategies in the different channels we have, the online promotions are combined with the offline promotions that we are executing.
In the case of the hotel, the room is the main sale, and through Cross Selling we can improve the benefits of the hotel offering breakfast or meals, use of promotions that are not included in the purchase price and even reach agreements with tourist attractions of the areas near the hotel. For example, if it is a beach hotel and there is a surf school nearby, we can reach an agreement to offer our clients.
But always keeping in mind that first of all we must sell the room and from there try to sell other things to that same client. Obviously, the best time to do Cross Selling is when the guest arrives at the hotel and is staying there.
10. Surprise and surprise again!
This point depends on all of you, the imagination and creativity that the marketing and sales team may have. When we refer to surprise, we mean that our guest, for as long as possible, from pre-purchase to post-purchase, feels unique and special.
It is about our clients feeling that they are living an experience, treating your guest as an exclusive guest, presenting him with a surprise, a memory he can never forget, from the smell, an object, music, service, gastronomy, design, etc.
It is very important to be creative and original, we need to get our client living the trip of his dreams. These 10 tips are to improve our reserves, we always need to innovate and be constant in learning, as every time there is a new trend to know to improve reservations.