7 Social Media trends to follow up

Reading Time: 3 mins. 27/09/2017

We are all aware of the importance of Social Media in the communication strategy of any holiday product and the fast evolution of these products. What yesterday was a success, may not reach our target audience today. For that reason you cannot miss the latest trends in Social Media and start to boost your brand.

Social Media strategies evolve by leaps and bounds and its key to stay in the loop if we want to create an efficient Social Media communication strategy.

At pasodebooking.com we did a research among the best sources to offer you the leading Social Media trends of 2017. Here we go!

Paid Ad campaigns. Due to the new algorithms of the main Social Networks, it is increasingly complicated to reach our brand’s target audience just through organic coverage. According to Brandwatch, on Facebook, platform that has just announced that it has reached 2 billion active users, organic reach has decreased from 15% to 2% in just a year. Therefore, it will be very difficult to avoid paid advertising to achieve optimal results, either through the brand’s own profile or influencers. The tendency is that paid ad campaigns continue to grow exponentially, following last year’s path.

Social e-Commerce. According to data obtained from Sprout Social, a reference tool in Social Media brand engagement management, 75% of users claim to have made a purchase after having seen the product on social networks. In turn, 57% of consumers claim to be more likely to buy from a brand who they follow. Proof of this trend is the new buying utility introduced by Instagram in 2016. The hotel sector should keep an eye out for any current or future options.  But what is crucial for brands is to find the balance between useful content and product and services promotion.

Content Marketing success. According to FORBES, 63% of B2C companies claim to have obtained better results after carrying out content marketing campaigns. It is expected that more and more companies will bet for this type of campaigns.

Micro-Influencers. FORBES gives us one of those stats we should have in a post-it on our computer screen to see every day: 85% of users rely more on content produced by third parties than those generated by brands. The big difference we face in 2017 is that increasingly more we will bet on micro-influcencers instead of mainstream influencers. It seems like all of a sudden all hoteliers have in each client a micro-influencer!

Ephemeral content. More and more platforms are adopting the concept of publications with expiring date, concept made famous by Snapchat through its 150 million daily users. Instagram introduced its stories in 2016 and it took them 2 months to get 100 million active users, so we will have to be watch carefully Facebook and Twitter’s next steps. What’s undeniable is that increasingly more content will be “disposable”.

Live streaming video. First came Periscope, then Youtube and Facebook Live, and the last one to get onboard of live streaming video was Instagram. It will be a very interesting field for brands on this 2017.

Avoid automation. The rise of communication with brand users through chatbots should not imply the depersonalization of communication. Brands should step away from responses with automatic appearance as users are seeking a meaningful active listening from brands.

Don’t you think this is really interesting? We believe that Social Media will keep changing the way travellers book and experience their holidays, reason why we should pay attention to the nearest future, let’s start the show!