5 things 'genius' brands have in common

Reading Time: 3 mins. 31/01/2018

Few brands can boast the title of 'genius' when it comes to digital marketing, brands that have achieved a very positive image and are perceived as superior to the rest through exemplary marketing strategies. Today, we want to talk about the 5 things all of them have in common.
Of all the brands out there, there is a group of privileged ones that we can consider authentic examples of how to do good marketing as per they have achieved a very positive image and are perceived as superior to the rest through very solid marketing strategies.
This group of 'genius' brands is very reduced, and only a few truly get that differentiating point. According to a study by L2, only 4% of brands can be considered 'genius', which is a much lower percentage than the one occupied by the feeble brands (17%) or challenged (24%).
But what does a 'genius' brand do? The same study points out that there are no two 'genius' brands alike, but they have certain elements in common. Here we show you the 5 common behaviors among all of them, which can be applied to any hotel Brand in order to achieve that differentiating point.
They customize
‘Genius’ brands accumulate tones of user’s data and use it wisely. Instead of focusing on all-encompassing demographics, brands are digging deeper and try to connect on a more personal level, attracting users through much more tailored messages.
They make it simple
When users make the decision to buy, 'genius' brands ensure that there is no friction in the purchase process. These brands make all processes easy and simple, and prioritize the efficiency of the buyer journey. Its priority is that consumers don’t struggle to buy or communicate with the brand.
For any hotel brand, digital sales depend on many factors and one of the keys to success is the design and usability of the website and the booking engine. For this reason, hotels should have an updated website at all times, with a trendsetting design and very focused on its target markets and product, together with a booking engine with high conversion rates, 100% personalized and 100% responsive, but also adapted to the user’s needs based on the device they are using and the dates they are booking.
Maximum visibility
Consumers buy online on a multitude of sites and through a multitude of devices, and 'genius' brands know it. According to this study, these brands make sure they have presence in all those sites and devices.
Prioritize mobile and video format
‘Genius’ brands devote a large part of their marketing budget to specific mobile and video formats. According to the same study, ads impressions on computers fell by 10% in 2017, while in mobile devices they increased by 36%. On the other hand, video impressions on computers are increasing. These brands have understood that these formats offer higher engagement results, so they make an effort to adapt their strategies to the changing display behaviors among consumers.
As we have mentioned, a key factor for hotels to success is having a mobile version of the booking engine. It is not enough to have a responsive one, they should adopt a booking engine designed specifically for mobile and its users.
They integrate the On Line and Off Line experience.
‘Genius’ brands are experts in uniting the classic (Off Line world) and the new (On Line world). According to Scott Galloway, founder of L2, 2018 will be the year in which the off-line retail reappears, and these brands have managed to be good both in the network and outside.
Hotels should be able to unify the experience of being at the hotel together with the On Line experience. If brand do not communicate what happen in their hotels, it’s like it is not happening.