5 Email Marketing trends for 2018

Reading Time: 4 mins. 02/01/2018

Email is a very effective tool to establish a direct and profitable communication with customers. That is why we want to present the 5 main trends for 2018.
Email Marketing consolidates itself as a very powerful communication tool with the user, capable of offering very good results since the return on investment is optimal and, in addition, it offers companies the control of campaigns, instead of relying on third parties as it happens with social networks.
Proof of this is a study conducted by The Radicati Group in which it is stated that 59% of Marketing professionals choose Email Marketing as the most effective channel when it comes to generating sales.
In the new year that we've just started, Email Marketing will continue to be one of the essential strategies for hoteliers. This is why we want to present you the 5 main trends for 2018 concerning Email Marketing.
Segmentation is essential
Segmentation of lists has been the strategy with better results - more effectiveness and increase of open rates - when launching Email Marketing campaigns.
Even so, many companies still send their mails to their entire database thinking that the more people receive the email, the more likely that someone will read it. But we must  switch our mentality. Segmentation is no longer an option, but rather a must, since the results will improve significantly and we will ensure that users do not see emails as SPAM.
In 2018 companies will try to get more user data to develop campaigns more tailored to the interests of consumers and therefore increase its effectiveness and emotional connection with them.
Interactive Emails
Making emails surprising and entertaining to read for our target audience is a great way to increase participation rates and reduce rebound rates. Creating interactive emails is the best way to address this.
In 2018, image galleries, sliders, tests, search bars or surveys will increasingly dominate the Email Marketing landscape. In short, elements that make emails creative, surprising and fun to read.
The arrival of Artificial Intelligence
Undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies are the future. Many technology companies are already investing billions of dollars in the development of new technologies that use AI to facilitate our daily lives. And Email Marketing will follow that lead.
In the future, these technologies will make Email Marketing much more efficient by suggesting ways to segment lists, integrating product recommendations and sending more personalized emails to people based on their interests.
Companies like Adobe already offer this type of technology in their Adobe Campaign tool, with functionalities such as the ability to suggest the best topics for an Email. The company plans to take it a little further and start suggesting the best images for a particular mail.
Even so, more plain text
Increasingly there are more tools to create emails with high-quality HTML and full of images. Despite this, it has been proven that plain text emails are more effective than emails in HTML format. Email campaigns with plain text get better delivery rates and higher opening and interaction rates.
This trend will continue in 2018 as it ensures that emails look the same on all devices and have a more personal appearance.
As in everything, mobile first
Currently 54% of emails are opened through mobile devices, so we can say that the mobile has become the decisive element when positioning in Email Marketing. Therefore, the first thing to do when thinking about our Email Marketing campaign is to think mobile, the format must be 100% 'mobile'.
But we must not only focus in the design adapted to mobile, but in everything that goes along with it . Subscription forms, landing pages to where the email redirects to, or the content must also be adapted to mobile devices.
In 2018, more Email Marketing campaigns will focus on offering a better experience to users of mobile devices. This is where companies will need to be creative when it comes to increasing Email Marketing conversions on this sort of devices.
Above all, in 2018 more and more hotel owners will realize the potential of Email Marketing strategies and bet on these as a tool to enhance their direct sales. Because, at the end of the day, if you don’t do it, others will, and will catch the attention of the clients who stay at your hotel.